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10 Saddle Bag Essentials To Take On Every Bike Ride

– When it comes to packing your saddle bag, the question everyone really asks is well, what do you actually need? So in this video, I’m gonna run you through all the things that we think you should be taking out on your bike. (tranquil hip hop music) – Let’s start off with the obvious […]

GCN Goes Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

– Well, good morning. It’s currently about half past six in the morning, and I am about two and half thousand metres in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Yesterday Josh and I, that’s Josh over there, more on him in just a moment, we rode about 130K through some of the most remote and […]

How To Pack Your Bags For Bikepacking

– You have all the bikepacking gear that you think you’re gonna need for your trip. Now you need to know how you’re actually gonna take it with you, and apparently it’s not quite as simple as just stuffing it in. – There’s a number of different styles of bikepacking bag. Each one mounts in […]

How do I pack the ORTLIEB Seat-Pack correctly?

Packing your Seat-Pack is easy if you follow these steps: First guide the upper loops between the saddle rails and the saddle. Keep them loose while closing, before pulling the straps and securing them with the clamp. Afterwards, you can pull the lower straps tightly around the seatpost. Everything that you want to pack in […]