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RWBY Chibi, Episode 13 – Spin the Bottle | Rooster Teeth

“RWBY Chibi!” Weiss: This is so childish. Nora: Hush! *Shocked gasp* *Wiess exhales with relief* Jaune: Huh? *Gasps* Thought-Bubble Blake: Ahh! *Grunts in annoyance* Blake: Hmm… Blake: Hmm…… *Shudders from slipping off* *Sizzle* *Dog whimpering* *Blake gasps* *Zwei barks twice* Ruby: So.. is this the place for workout thingy? Nora: You bet your love-handles it […]

RWBY Chibi: Season 3, Episode 13 – Cousins of Chaos | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! Penny: Oh! Hello there fluffy friend! Ozpin: Penny no, don’t pet the Grimm! Penny: But why not? Ozpin: Not a pet, not a pat. None of those are for him. He’s a villain, a beast, he’s a cold-blooded Grimm. Penny: But he’s good for a laugh, He could tell me a joke. Ozpin: […]

Nightwing VS Daredevil (DC VS Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!

Chad: Hey, everybody want to let you know we have an all-new DEATH BATTLE tee if you guys like the way I look and you want to pick one up. Just click the link in the description below. Ben: It’s beautiful. (Cues: Wiz & Boomstick – Brandon Yates) Wiz: In a world where superhumans can […]

Jumping The Crazy Fast Barbie Jeep + Bodywork

[Music] [Music] so it’s time to redesign the throttle yeah just redoing all the controls the original setup I kind of just threw together real quick to test it out and see how it was gonna drive I’ve got a rough flank of what the throttle plate might look like and I figured if I […]