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How I Ride Up Stairs With This Hardtail | MTB Techniques

Speed and momentum Speed up at the beginning before stepping up and maintaining momentum, the key is to keep pedaling until you reach the top Pedal hard and do not stop otherwise you’ll lose your momentum Set to the right gear Using the middle chain ring on the front and the largest coq on the […]

How To Fix Fork Suck Down On Your Mountain Bike Suspension Fork

– Suspension forks work really well in a variety of conditions but the key, as always, is to look after them and maintain them. Now in Ask a GMBN Tech, we quite often get asked the question actually about fork suck down. What it is, what happens when your fork sucks down and how to […]

How To Set Up Rear Sag | E-Bike Suspension Tips

– When it comes to settin’ up your e-mountain bike suspension, there’s one key part, and that is SAG. Today’s video, we’re takin’ a look, how to set up the SAG on your rear air shock to ensure you get the most out of your full suspension bike when you hit the trails. (electronic beeping […]

Can You Use Mountain Bike Forks For Rear Suspension? | Ask GMBN Tech

(technical noises) – Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. It’s our weekly Q and A show. If you want to get some questions into ask us, there’s an email address at the bottom of the screen right there or you can add them in the comments below. Just make sure if you’re asking questions, use the […]

Rising – Ep 5: The Mental Game w/ Kate Courtney

(wind blowing) (rock music) – [Kate] Mental strength is a key factor at this level of racing, but it’s also really hard to maintain. And I think, for me, it’s important at this level in my career to really acknowledge that and to be open to the process and understand that the pressure and expectations […]