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Road Bike Assembly – How to build your road bike

Hi, I’m Rhys from Evo Cycles and tody I’m gonna show you how to put together a bike purchased online from EvoCycles.co.nz All the bikes we dispatch are preassembled by a qualified bike mechanics and then lightly disassembled To fit into a bike box for shipping. Our mechanics have already routed the cables, tuned the […]

13 Of The Worst Bike Lanes & Cycle Ways In The World

(intense music) – We all want more dedicated bike lanes in our towns and cities, but not all bike lanes are good bike lanes, in fact, some are bad, some are very bad and you have been sending in examples. So coming up are some of the world’s worst bike paths. (bouncy upbeat music) – […]

Road Bike Maintenance : How to Make Shift Adjustments to a Road Bike

We also want to make sure that the height of our derailer when we are shifting to the smallest chambering is we have clearance to shift up and down, nothing hits. We are parallel with the chambering; we can see that if we look from the front we are parallel. Then to make sure that […]

Cheap Bike Vs Super Bike | Commuter Challenge

– [Ollie] We’ve see the difference between riding a cheap bike and a super bike while cycling. And, well, it’s pretty big. Super bikes allow you to ride faster for the same effort. And that’s probably why they feel so much fun. – [Hank] Yeah, but what about in the real world? What about riding […]

Mate X Mate.bike Errors and successes

On Road or Off road tires 🙂 Motor 750W to 1250 Max With the saddle at the correct height for the user The feet have to touch the ground to stop at traffic lights In Mate X it is impossible, it is uncomfortable to get on It is too high, a clear design flaw You […]

Electrically-Fueled Mountain Bike Mastery | SHIMANO

Dig it in! Left, right, left, right, one, two, one, two. You’re going to need to do more than that… …if you want to beat Martin Maes this season! Giddy up, cowboy. Wyn! Hurry up! Come on, mate. Ha! There he is! A bit late to the party, eh, boys? – Aw, shut up, dude. […]

Road Bike Maintenance : Learn Regular Maintenance for Road Bikes

Things that you want to do, as needed, are replace the housing for your brakes and your shifting when they got worn, gunked up, or corroded. You can see here on my rear derailleur — it’s probably time to replace this housing. It’s all cracked, and rusty, and nasty. And that’s been in there for […]

Global Cycle Rides – GCR San Francisco Road Bike Rental and Guided Cycling Tours

GCR provide road bike rentals for reduce the hassle Road bike hire if fitted to your needs Guided road rides by local leaders Cycling tours by leaders Bike rental pre-fitted to your measurements Bike hire from the best spots GCR San Francisco local expertise from ride leader provide a unique experience high quality equipment pre-fitted […]