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The Moment I Found My Sport

I remember the moment I found my sport. I was never planning on competing… in that instant I decided to start training. Running further, faster, faster. Always trying to better my time. I started measuring heart rate, threshold, power. I spent a lot of Friday nights alone in my basement. Balance became important. Core strength […]

Can You Ride Cyclocross On A Road Bike? Road Bike Vs Cyclocross Bike

We filmed a video recently where we compared the differences between road bikes and Cyclocross bikes. While we were writing the script, it occurred to us that with the new breed of so-called endurance road bikes, the differences between the two are now much, much smaller. So, we wondered, and some of you did too […]

Road to Weissensee. A Bike Trip Story.

So everything has started here in beautiful Innsbruck This is me, my bike and some stuff. And here are glorious people from komoot team. We got together in one place to ride bikes to another place and meet more glorious people from komoot team. Wait wait but Why? Okay let me explain. People work for […]

2018 Cannondale CAAD12 | Range Review | Tredz Bikes

This is the CAAD12 the most advanced aluminium road bike that Cannondale has ever produced, it’s available in rim and disc options and is truly a rival for the best carbon bikes out there. The CAAD 12 is a true race bike with the same long and low geometry you’d expect from Cannondale super 6 […]

Will E-Bikes Kill Road Bikes? | The GCN Show Ep. 215

– From Berkeley, California, welcome to the GCN Show. – From the beautiful island of Antigua, welcome to the GCN Show. – From the Planche De Belle Fille, we have a puncture at 83km, welcome to the GCN Show. (upbeat music) – Welcome to the GCN Show. This week we speculate as to whether e-bikes […]

Winter Road Bike Styling With Lars Michaelsen

I’ve been living and training in the northern part of Europe for the past thirty years. And I have always set up my winter bike like this. It has given me the comfort to go out and train whatever the weather has been like. And you should do the same! The most important part when […]

What Is A Road Bike? | Beginners Guide | Tredz Bikes

Fast and efficient, road bikes are the quickest way to cycle on tarmac. Road bikes are built around lightweight frames, entry-level road bikes will have aluminium alloy frames, more expensive road bikes will have carbon fibre composite frames. As well as been lighter and stiffer, carbon fibre frames offer a smoother ride. Skinny tires roll […]

The Secret Food Behind Colombia’s Cycling Success | Feed The Flame

This is total cycling paradise. It’s so cool! Colombia’s known for many things. The beautiful mountainous landscape, the warm and welcoming people, the dedicated world-class athletes and the food. But there are two native foods in particular that are consumed by athletes, farmers and people everywhere. Guava is a flavourful and ubiquitous super fruit, and […]

2018 Specialized Roubaix | Range Review | Tredz Bikes

So this is the Specialized Roubaix, an endurance road bike that is named after the grueling Paris Roubaix classic road race. Designed to be fast and smooth, the Specialized Roubaix is built for riding over challenging road surfaces, like the cobbles you find on a Paris Roubaix. So the new Specialized Roubaix frame is actually […]

Ventum NS1 Road Bike Superbike Unveiling

(door opens) – Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. (door closes) (footsteps cross the floor) Morning, Trainiacs. It is new bike day. This is the Ventum NS1 with Alto wheels and Shimano Ultegra DI2, and I wanna get right in here literally (sniffs). It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. Let me have some breakfast, and I’ll introduce […]