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How to Ride a Bike in an Echelon | Road Cycling

Echelons are a way of pace lining. It’s not going to be a straight, off the back. You’re going to find that the riders are going to be riding either far to the right, or to the left. This is indicating how the wind is blowing. Wind plays a really important role in how you’re […]

How to Ride a Bike at Night | Road Cycling

So as you find yourself riding your bike more and more, you’re also going to find yourself riding your bike at night. There’s a few things that you want to have to prepare for that. The most important thing is to stay visible to cars as well as pedestrians. Two things that you always want […]

How to Ride a Bike in Hot Weather | Road Cycling

Riding your bike in hot weather can also be a really big challenge. What you want to do is make sure you have a really light kit, something that breathes well. You want to be able to have a kit that you can completely zip open and vent as much as possible. In addition to […]

How to Ride a Bike in a Pack | Road Cycling

So a pack otherwise known as a peloton, is a group of cyclists that’s usually between 20 and 100 cyclists and they ride in very close formation. The group is going to be staying together because it’s a lot easier to ride in a large group. The reason cyclists ride in a pack is to […]