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The Hottest New Bike Tech From The Taipei Cycle Show 2019

– I’m here at the 2019 Taiepei Bike Show to bring you the hottest new bike tech. This is Asia’s largest bike trade industry show and it’s got over 1,400 exhibitors. It’s massive but to truly appreciate just how big it is, I really have to show you, so check this out, or should I […]

The Hottest Bikes & Pro Tech Of The Giro d’Italia 2019

– It’s now time to check out some of the hottest bikes of this year’s Giro d’Italia and well, I’ll give you a clue, one of them is going to be a De Rosa but it’s not one of these. Let’s go see what they are. (mechanical sound) Now undoubtedly, one of the hottest bikes […]

Hottest New Road Bike Tech | Taipei Cycle Show 2018

– I’m here at the Taipei bike show, which is Asia’s largest cycling trade show. I’m on the hunt for the hottest new cycling tech. So, let’s go find it. (jazz music) A cool new piece of tech here that’s actually won an award at the Tai Pei show. So this is the zero drag […]

Weird & Wonderful Triathlon Pro Bike Tech From The ITU Grand Final

– I’m here at rather wet and windy. ITU Grand Final in Rotterdam. And behind me I have the Elite bikes. Ready to go into T1. So, I’m going to have a walk around and see if there’s any weird and wonderful tech. (upbeat music) (computer loading noises) I’m beside Richard Murray’s new, Specialised Tarmac […]

The Best Bikes At The Taipei Cycle Show 2019

– We’re back in Taipei for the Taipei Bike Show the world’s biggest industry bike trade show and in this video we’re gonna show you the best and most exciting bikes on display here so let’s get to it better ride to the show, let’s go what! (powerful music) Oh, serious bike porn time now. […]

The Iconic Giant TCR – Retro Vs Modern

when we think about recent advances in bike technology might think about frame material so transitioning from steel through to carbon fiber or we might think about the race to improve aerodynamics or to reduce weight but one thing we probably all overlook is geometry and that that would be a mistake because this right […]