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How To Ride Like The Pros – Double Pace Line

Riding in a group in training generally means riding in two lines, with each rider taking their turn on the front. Many of the same tips apply for when you’re in a single or a double pace line. Try to keep the two lines as tight and close together as possible. As you go towards […]

Saris Bones 2 Bike – How to fit – rear mounted bike carrier

clean surface a vehicle which will be in contact with rack begin install by loosening knob on the center arm slide center arm to one side and rotate into position position lower feet on vehicle bumper position center arm against trunk, hook two upper clips to the top of trunk hook two side clips to […]

Saris Gran Fondo bike carrier – Assembly – rear mounted bicycle rack

assembly of the GranFondo requires the included four millimeter allen wrench and a ten millimeter or adjustable wrench Begin by connecting the large wheel holder with the medium wheel holder so that the large centre hole is open slide assembled wheel holder and upper crossbar insert long bolt turn rack over rotate wheel holders to […]

BUZZ RACK Spark 3 bike carrier – How to fit

The Buzz Easytilt is supplied almost fully assembled. You can sit the carrier on its carton to avoid scratching whilst fitting the upright. Release the tilt retaining catches and pull the tilt bar towards you. Set the carrier to its full tilt Remove both 45mm bolts and 19mm washers from both upright feet and loosen […]

How to fit pedals to your bike

How to attach the pedals to your new bike. Start with drive side pedal which goes under your right foot. It will have a sticker or be marked with an R, and screws clockwise into the crank arm. Using your fingers, roll the pedal thread anti-clockwise until you feel it click into place, then wind […]

Predator Cycling Razorback Bicycle Number Holder

Predator Cyclings’ carbon fiber race number mount, The Razorback, allows avid cyclists and triathletes to easily display their assigned race numbers from the rear of the bicycle frame. Unlike homemade zip tied mounts and quickly fabricated brackets, the Razorback provides the sleek carbon weaved look while remaining almost weightless weighing in at less than eight […]

Cycling adventures: road racing bike

Hi, I’m Daniel Oakman, senior curator at the National Museum of Australia and welcome to my cycling adventures. Today I’ll be riding this carbon fibre road bike in a race with the Canberra Veterans Cycling Club. That’s me in the red and white jersey. The kind of racing I’m riding in here is called the […]