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TRIALS Skills at Abandoned MANSION

hello, so today we’re looking for an abandoned house, I’m going by myself cause it’s quarantine and it sucks I think I found something there it is the perfect house, no fence abandoned and it’s pretty big, so we can do some sexy trial skills prety sick step one sneak in now we are inside […]

Fast Cycle Route from ‘s-Hertogenbosch to Waalwijk

This grassy area at the edge of the historic city centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch… used to be a traffic square. It will be the starting point of the fast cycle route to Waalwijk. This route is now planned to be finished by the end of 2022. What does the 18 kilometer route look like now? Well, […]

MTB Riding Position Tips w/ Elliott Heap | CRC |

So here we are first how to video and obviously for the conditions that we’re in, i’m in my back garden in Wigan and basically what I’m gonna do over the next few weeks is do a couple of how-to videos on what you guys wanna see. I have my own coaching company Ride MTB […]

How To Fix A Creaking Bottom Bracket Or Cranks

The most common cause of unwanted noises while you ride your bike comes while you pedal, meaning that in all likelihood it comes from the drivetrain down here. We’ll start with the easy bits first, but remember that any time you do anything to the bike, go and ride it afterwards to see whether or […]

Front View – Bike Fitting your Body! Good Knee Alignment!

Hi, here we are at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy with Doug Talier who’s doing the Granfondo in Penticton this weekend and we’re just looking at how he’s moving on the bike to help make it more efficient. So we talked to Doug a little bit about positioning his pelvis and his sinking his hips on […]