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Uphill Mountain Biking Tips : Mountain Bike Gear Shifting Tips

So as I get ready to descend, the first thing on my mind is trying to decide how much harder gearing I need. Because this descent coming up I’ve ridden before and I know it’s pretty short, and I start going uphill after it, I probably am only going to change gears in the rear. […]

VTT HARDCORE ep2 : Violence avec Fatscal

VIOLENCE WITH FATSCAL directed by Alexis Righetti so Pascal.. today we’ll ride a peak never done by Fatscal so it exists mountains in Queyras he didn’t ride I don’t know this place it’s good you put your solar panels yes let’s go… pedaling! more than 2 tonnes are prohibited. Do you think it’s good with […]

Media Mod for MTB? Can it live up to the Hero4’s legacy?

GoPro Hero 8 media mod finally showed up this is one of the things during the launch that got me pretty excited. The idea of having a case with a built-in microphone was very exciting a lot of people have held on to their hero fours because of the superior microphone in it due to […]

Lugano Bike 66

Switzerland! Do you recognize this view? Lake Lugano, Swiss Alps Special guest of the video A guy some of you already know has invited me here Let’s reach him He sprinted up and I wasn’t able to follow 15 degrees celsius in January… His bike is here There he comes Marco Toniolo Hi everybody This […]

XC Tyres Vs Enduro Tyres | What’s The Difference?

– So, a little while ago, we compared some cross-country tires to some mud spikes in the absolute slop. A lot of people ask, can you compare and find the differences between some cross-country tires and some enduro tires? So, that is what we’re going to find out today. (stomping) (blade clanging) So, first things […]

Quad Lock Bike Mount 2017

Quad Lock is the lightest strongest and most secure smartphone bike mount It provides easy access to your smartphone and is perfect for road cycling, mountain biking and daily commuting. The Quad Lock bike kit is supplied with everything needed to mount your smartphone on your bike stem or handlebars our patented dual stage lock […]