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FANNY LA MACHINE – VTT Freeride – Queyras, Saint Véran, Alpes

now you need to carry the bike this start is very mountainous directed by Alexis Righetti the Machine in front of the Ecrins… above the highest village in France… the peak of la Cula we’re above Ceillac in Queyras with Fanny and we’ll ride a 3000 m! this 3000 is significant for me because… …this […]

Four Weeks Of Fitness | Si’s Isolation Challenge

Speaker 1: You don’t need me to tell you that the world is a very different place now to what it was just a few months ago. I’m currently at home as you might well see in social isolation because two of my family members are at particularly high risk from coronavirus. We’re hunkering down […]

First Ride with my CANYON “Sender CF 7.0”

Wow! What a ride! I just did my first run with the CANYON Sender CF it´s kind of late – 9.am – but i wanted so ride so bad and get out before the sun goes down i´m in the bikepark boppard – rhine valley that is the beatuy i had the Canyon Torque DHX […]

Greg Minnaar – This Is Home | SHIMANO

[Jeff Minnaar]: Winners, they have luck, a lot of good luck, and the more you train and practice, the luckier you get. [Greg Minnaar]: It’s not often that any sportsperson gets to compete at home, like, super close to home. That week was so tough, and I’d won the year before, so that also added […]

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (2012) – Review – First Ride – TEST

And Again, welcome to ShoneSan motovlog Today’s review, as i’ve mentioned before Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Year model of 2012 The bike from my friend Sale And this bike you’ve probably already seen On my vlogs.. One of the best, but literally best, Kawasaki’s bikes Why do i say that This is the bike, that has […]

Shape Your World – Make Your Mark | SHIMANO

You know, after all these years of trail-building… …I’ve learned not to fight what’s happening on the mountain. The terrain is almost telling you what trail belongs there. My name is Ted Tempany and I’ve been trail-building since the early ’90s. – I am Chantal Caron and I’m a trail-builder. – I’m Yuta Urishima. I’m […]

6 of the best MTB Flat Shoes – 2020 | CRC |

If you’re riding flat out but don’t like clipping in, you’ll need some trail-grade MTB flat shoes to keep you anchored to the bike. Flat-soled mountain bike shoes are specially designed for glue-like control no matter how hairy things get. And while they don’t physically snap into your pedals in the same way as a […]

Noah’s first KaZAM bike ride!

Kazam® Noah’s Ride Hi My name is noah This summer I learned how to ride with my KaZAM It was easy and SO.MUCH. FUN. I love putting my feet up and going FAST! I rode all day until it was time to go home. I cant wait to ride again tomorrow!