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SHIMANO Dropper REMOTE??? – Shimano vs Woolf Tooth ReMote

Dropper post remotes… who doesn’t have one today? I know I’ve used the Wolf Tooth ReMote, I’ve used the 9point8 Digit, the KS Southpaw, the Bontrager Line and a couple of others, but with the introduction of the Shimano 12 speed XTR, they introduced this: the SL-MT800 dropper post remote. So why don’t we take […]

Bike Check:2017 Specialized Pitch Sport

Hey YouTube, it’s Alex, and I just want to do a quick little bike check on my Specialized picks for 2017 650b so Let’s start here on the back rim so This tire on the rim is the continental trail cane that’s what I have on both tires or on both rims and then Hydraulic […]

MTB Suspension Seat Post Review – XC Mountain Biking for Beginners

In this video we will be quickly cover the suspension seat post options for hard tail XC mountain bike riders. For clarification, this video will not cover dropper seat posts and not intended for racing, riders of full suspension bikes, all mountain, endureo, or downhill. Not all XC riders need or want a dropper post […]

GMBN’s Best Mountain Bike Tech Of 2017

– 2017 has been a pretty unbelievable year for bike tech. There’s so many new bikes coming out, some really cool, not quite boutique, but almost bespoke, smaller brands, producing some ultra high-end kit, and, of course, loads of nice riding bits and pieces. So, here’s some of the cool stuff that we’ve seen from […]