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Influential Car & Motorsport Technology In Cycling | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 71

– Welcome to the GCN Tech show. This week, we’ve got ourselves a brand new gravel groupset, a super limited edition, very stunning, frame set not to mention, very fast charging batteries, your upgrades, and as ever, the Bike Vault. – And then we’ve got, what has the motor industry given to cycling and what’s […]

Should We All Ride Recumbent Bikes? | GCN Tech Show Ep.87

– Welcome to the GCN Tech show. – This week we’ve got ourselves some new Fizik shoes, Harley-Davidsons for kids, the Bike Vault, your upgrades plus we’re going to ask why aren’t recumbents more popular? – Yeah, and snacks of the week. – What? – Snacks of the week? – Trust me on this one, […]

Tom Van Asbroeck’s Factor O2 VAM | Israel Start-Up Nation’s Pro Bike

Presenter: Here I am with Tom Van Asbroeck’s bike of Israel Start-Up Nation. Now Israel Start-Up nation on Factor bikes this year and Tom has opted for the Factor VAM for the classics campaign. [music] Presenter: Now, this is Factor’s lighter bike, more for climbing. Tom’s gone for this in cobbles, I’m guessing because it’ll […]

Richard Carapaz’s Pinarello Dogma F12 | Team Ineos Pro Bike

Speaker: Now, unfortunately we couldn’t be out in the Tour of Colombia this year to film this beautiful pro bike in person but thanks to GCN en Espanol, they did it for us so if you don’t speak Spanish, I’m here to help. [Spanish language] [music] Speaker: The first Ecuadorian to win the Giro d’Italia […]

Dirty Kanza All Things Gravel Expo | Brand New Gravel Tech

– We’re here at the Dirty Kanza All Things Gravel Expo and it is just that, and a lot more. So, come on, let’s go and check it out. (relaxing music) We’re here on the Salsa stand with one of their latest prototypes of the Warbird. Now, it’s really gone next level in terms of […]

The Secret To A Custom Bling Bike Without New Paint | GCN Tech Show Ep.91

– [Ollie] Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. I’m flying solo. Again. Jon was last seen entering a bike museum, and hasn’t been seen since. I hope he’s okay. Anyhow, on this week’s show, we have got some hot new carbon wheel tech, the Bike Vault, your upgrades, and our main talking point, which is […]

The Ultimate Vintage Mountain Bike Collection | Retro MTB Tech

– Bit of an unusual feature for me today, I’ve actually had a phone call from a friend of mine called Sandy, and he owns this bike shop. It’s called the Trailhead Bicycle Company, it’s here in Shrewsbury in Shropshire, UK. In fact, this is where Neil’s from, it’s his home town, in fact, one […]

Cool New Time Trial Tech From The Giro d’Italia 2019

– The Giro d’Italia kicks off today with an eight kilometer individual time trial around Bologna, which has a serious sting in the tail, a two kilometer, very steep climb to the Basilica di San Luca. – Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see if that decisive climb at the end affects the tech choices that […]

Is Degreasing Your Chain A Waste Of Time? | The GCN Tech Clinic

– Okay, I’m back again to answer your technical problems, issues, queries, and anything else bike, geek related. (whoosh sound effects) Let’s crack on then with the first question. First up is Pete Warburton, “Can I use modern cabling, “inners and outers, on a vintage 10 speed bike build, “with a five speed freewheel, Campagnolo […]

Groupset, Components & Plot Twist | Cheap Bike To Super Bike Ep. 3

(whooshing logo) – Money on. And for another great video, in fact part one, exactly why we choose bike. How about clicking just down here. (huffs) (phone vibrates) – Oh, got someone one the phone, who’s that? Where’s my phone? It’s ringing, Lyody. Hello mate, yeah, yeah look, yeah it looks really good! Yeah, yeah, […]