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8 Tips about Bike Frames | Bicycle Repair

Now we’re going to talk about bicycle frames. There’s many different bicycle frames and also many different materials that the bicycle frames are out made of. If you walk into your local bike store and you look up on their wall, they probably have bicycle frames that are made out of this, which is aluminum. […]

How to Remove Old Bike Tire & Tube | Bicycle Repair

First, you want to let out all of the air in the tube by either unscrewing this little valve here, which is called a presta valve. This is a French valve. You have to unscrew this top to make sure that the air can come out. Or there is also another valve called a schrader […]

Installing Cruiser-Style Saddle on Bike | Bicycle Repair

So for installing your saddle and also taking off your saddle there is basically two different types of claps. This one is probably the most common now, this one is a little bit on the older style. And is may be a little bit different with two Allen bolts, hex bolts but they kind of […]