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Renovace skládacího kola MIFA 903 (Klapprad Renovierung, Folding Bicycle Renovation)

Year of manufacture: 1981 Renovation: July 2017-May 2018 Original State Disassembly Grinding Primer Painting Rim Renovation Disassembly Degreasing Abrasive paste cleaning Polishing Assembly Finished Renovated Wheels Assembly of the Bicycle Frame Handlebars Saddle Stick Saddle Front Fender Rear Fender Porter Front Wheel Rear Wheel Chain Pedals Chainguard Front Brake Bell Dynamo Rear light cable Rear […]

How Do Bike Gears Work? | Bicycle Gears Explained

– Bicycles have gears to help you ride more efficiently when going uphill, downhill, and on the flat across all varied terrain. Without easy gears, you’d grind to a halt when trying to go up steep hills and without bigger gears, well you wouldn’t be able to pedal fast enough when going downhill. But how […]

How Hard Can You Ride A Hardtail E-Bike?

– There’s a lot of love out there for full suspension e-bike on the trails. But the hardtail has also got a lot of love too. These things are super versatile. People might think that you need loads of suspension out there to do big things out there on the trails, big drops and jumps […]

How to do rear wheel jump on a bike

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial there I will try to teach you how to do back wheel jump on a bike. Okay, first of all you need to find the balance on the rear wheel. Just keep the rear brake locked, also the front wheel if you want to. Bend your knees and […]

Basic Mountain Bike Air Shock Service

– We often tell you here at GMBN Tech how to look after your bike, and in particular, we tend to look at things the transmission, because that’s the stuff that really has to put up with your day to day use. But equally, your suspension forks get a bit of a hard time, and […]

What is a mountain bike?

Hello I’m Michael from Ivanhoe Cycles. I’m going to go through the basics of a mountain bike with you. On the front end, we have handlebars with grips, brake levers, shift levers, there’s a headstem which holds the handlebars on to the fork. The forks in this case are suspension forks. They have “V” brakes. […]

Can You Use Vaseline On Mountain Bike Suspension Forks? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Hi, this is ask GMBN Tech, our weekly show where you get to ask tech related questions about mountain bikes and we give you, well, hopefully we give you the answers that you need. If you wanna ask any questions, get involved in the comments below. Make sure you use the #ASKGMBNTECH for any […]