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10 Shocking E-Bike Myths Busted

– It has been a prime time for fairy tales lately, and no two wheel sport is more laced with misinformation than e-biking. Time, then, to look into the myths surrounding this great sport. (upbeat music) Utter, utter nonsense. Each sport has its own physical attributes, for example a sprinter is built very differently to, […]

2018 Specialized Pitch | Range Review | Tredz Bikes

The Specialized Pitch is a hardtail mountain bike that rolls on 650b wheels, and offers an ideal introduction to off-road mountain bike trail riding. There are four men’s and four woman’s Pitch models in the range, each sitting in the £400-£600 price bracket. The pitch features a brand new frame for 2018, with revised sport […]

The Future Of E-Mountain Biking With Marco Sonderegger

– Now it’s not that long ago that we sold the first e-mountain bikes, the like of the Cube Stereo, the HaiBike, or the Specialized Levo. But a question I get constantly asked is: “Should I buy an e-mountain bike, or actually wait “for the technology to improve?” Well, today I’m joined by Marco Sonderegger […]

Hard Vs Soft Tyre Compound | How Does Tyre Choice Affect Battery Life?

– The type of tire you choose has a big impact on different ground conditions, but what effect does it have on the battery life of your E-Bike? (upbeat music) The first tire we’re using is the soft compound specialized hillbilly DH 2.5. Now this weighs in at 1290 grams. It’s a really aggressive, wet […]

Super Bike Vs. Mid-Range Bike | What Really Is The Difference?

– A few months back, we pitted a bike that we found on Ebay for 100 pounds against this super bike, a Canyon Aeroad, with Shimano’s top of the range Dura-Ace 9170 groupset. And the results were pretty stark. This one was significantly faster. But what was really surprising was the margin of victory. I […]