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Former Top Gear ‘Stig’ test drives the Subaru Forester

This is Subaru’s latest incarnation of its all terrain SUV, The Forester. The Forester already has a fearsome reputation for its off-road capability but this forth generation model has even more updates and improvements over its predecessor. As ever with Subaru, it has a superb, symmetrical all-wheel drive system that gives you the grip and […]

KNOX MOUNTAIN HILLCLIMB 2011 – Red tail hawk gets marmot(cc)

OK so I don’t know if it’s just that we’re lucky or we’re just at the right place at the right time Or maybe it’s just that we’re at one with the environment, observing everything all-around us. Not just focusing on 1 narrow little beam of happenings But here we are today at Knox mountain […]

Artist Rebuilds A Street Legal IndyCar

00:04 COMM: This Indie car may look more at home on the race track but its really street legal and guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes. 00:12 COMM: I’ve never seen nothing like it. 00:14 WOMAN: Its street legal? 00:19 COMM: Dean Loucks from Michigan bought the Indy car in 2007, a previous owner […]

Crazy offroad test in desert Sahara on Yamaha dual sport motorcycles

Hello my friends… Some people say, that this bike is not good for heavy offroad riding. Today I want to give you a proof that they are wrong. I think, there is no better place for offroad testing, than sand dunes of desert Sahara. OK my friends… Thank you for watching me and… see you […]

Ανάβαση Πορταριάs/HillClimb Portarias 2016 (ENG SUBS)

huuuu!!! a lil stop for oil,it burns every oil in it… its fuck everything in oil thing,but where is Tasos Tasos???? TASOOOOOSS???? yeeeeehhh?? Where are you? Before the HillClimb ,a good piss,its a must!! We will race too,you must know that! Rally Acropolis and u know….. wait lets take a… lets take a quick picture […]