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Does A Chain Affect Mountain Bike Suspension Performance?

– Chains, we need them, right? But how much do we need a chain? So Aaron Gwin and Rachel Atherton more recently have proved that you can go super fast without a chain. Rachel Atherton actually made time on the most pedally section of Fort William without a chain. But how does that chain affect […]

How Does A Chain Affect Suspension Performance | GMBN Tech Geek Edition

So this is the geek edition of how does your chain effect your suspension. There are many different factors when you’re talking about suspension kinematics. Things like brake jacking, anti-squat, but the one we’re talking about today I pedal kick back. And how your chain tension effects your suspension action. So, what is pedal kick […]

Hot New 2019 Trail & Enduro Bikes | GMBN Sea Otter Special

– Okay, so day two at Sea Otter. We’ve put videos out already, of course, on GMBN, GMBN Tech, and EMBN. It’s time for a coffee and I’m gonna check out some new trail and enduro bikes. Got the coffee from Santa Cruz, so let’s check out that brand new Megatower. It’s a big hit […]

How Do Professional Mountain Bikers Get So Good?!

– Why are the pros so damn good? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? We watch them smashing their way around a cross-country course or jumping their way down a downhill track. And they make it look so easy. But we know it isn’t because we’re trying to reach that level and we can’t do it. Well, […]