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How to Build an Off Road Wheelchair (From 2 Electric Bikes)

So I met a girl a couple of weeks ago who is in a wheelchair. Now, wheelchairs are great for pavement and flat surfaces, but not so much for off-road adventures. I secretly built this off-road wheelchair by tying 2 electric bikes together with a seat in the center – kind of like a chariot […]

Off Road Wheelchair Test – Can it climb a mountain?

[Zack] That’s doing so good! [Music playing] This is round…what is this, our second test of this? [Cambry] Yeah. [Zack] This is round two. We’re taking it up a mile long, almost straight up mountain trail to the “Y” here in Provo Utah. [Phone ringing] You want to get that? [Laughing] I’ve let some of […]