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How To Jib On Your Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

(people cheering and clapping) – Alright! – [Instructor] Jibbing is the hottest word in mountain biking right now. But what exactly is the jib? How do you set your bike up for jibbing? What today’s video is going to be showing you how to become a jib master. (energetic orchestral music) So, you might be […]

Unboxing The SixSixOne Protection Range | GMBN Unboxing

– This is a very cool unboxing. We’ve got two full sets of head to toe protection from Six Six One. We’re giving them away. We’ve got one set; full face helmet, big body armour. And another set of enduro, trail body armour and helmet and shoes. Like I said, head to toe, we’re giving […]

12 Incredibly Cheap E-MTB Upgrades| E-Bike Modifications

– We all know that E-Bikes can be really expensive, but if you’re like me, you love looking at your E-Bike, sitting on your E-Bike, squeezing those brake levers, just looking at it lovingly. But, sometimes you just can’t afford all those expensive bits. So today’s video is gonna be taking a look at all […]

Unboxing The MET Roam Helmet | GMBN Unboxing

– In this GMBN unboxing video, we’re taking a look at MET’s brand new trail helmet, the Roam. And don’t forget, we’re giving away some of these helmets actually we’ve given away five of these, so keep watching ’til the end of the video to work out how you can get the chance, so let’s […]

Show Us Your Lid! | Custom Pro Helmets Of Audi Nines

– (clears throat) Hey Sam, could you show us your lid? – My lid? Oh yeah, sure. – What is it? – This is the TSG Evolution. It’s a jump helmet. – I see you’ve got GoPro stickies here? – Got stickies all over the place, for them epic, epic angles. We got loads of […]

What To Wear At A Bike Park

– When riding a mountain bike, it’s really important to get the right gear, both for safety and for comfort. So, here’s GMBN’s guide for what to wear in the bike park. ( electro rock music) The most important piece of equipment, obviously, is a helmet, especially before I drop in down there. I’d recommend […]

Handlebar Mount | Rokform.com

Easily mount your phone to you bike with the Rokform handlebar mount. Keep your phone safe and secure, with the Rokform Mountain System and the industry’s only lever lock. Navigate the city. Listen to your favourite tunes, or track your rights. All hands free. Mountain Portrait or landscape. Simply attach it to your handlebar, fasten […]

Unboxing The POC Tectal Race Spin | GMBN Tech Unboxing

– Okay, so today we are checking out the POC Tectal Race SPIN. This is their flagship helmet, it’s the enduro all-mountain helmet. It’s got a number of high-tech protective features built into it. But the best thing about it is we’re giving five of these away to you guys. So you’re gonna have to […]

9 Ways To Improve Your Mountain Biking Skills

– Here’s some smart ways to take your riding to the next level. Whether you’ve been doing it for years or you’re brand new to the sport of mountain biking there’s something here to help you improve and progress your skills. Let’s take a look. The modern mountain bike is an amazing piece of equipment. […]