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Are E-Bikes 100% Waterproof? | Ask EMBN Anything About E-Biking

– Welcome to ask EMBN and today we’re going to be talking about water resistance, travel, pedals, and much much more. (logo whirring) Now, the first question is from Topsey Kretts. Topsey’s asking, Sorry I don’t know much about e-bikes, as I’m just thinking about getting into it. Anyway, are e-bikes waterproof or just water […]

Was ist Bikepacking?

Hi, I’m Peter from ORTLIEB, and I’ve brought you some bags for bikepacking today. What is bikepacking, actually? “Bikepacking” comes from long-distances races in the USA where cyclists had to be self-sufficient. They had to store all their equipment on their bike and still be able to ride over terrain. In classic bike touring, it […]