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How To Lose Weight Mountain Biking | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

(logo slamming) – So what we actually trying to achieve here? I guess we’re talking about matching two goals together, having fun on bikes and losing weight. The fun and bikes bit being the baseline status, the bare minimum. The losing weight bit being the end result. Sound good? The problem we must avoid is […]

How To Index Your Gears – Adjusting Your Rear Derailleur

If your gears are jumping, or they’re just not shifting smoothly and as quickly as you think they should, then you probably just need to adjust them. So, here’s GCN’s Guide on how to index your gears, and it should work for Campagnolo, Shimano, and SRAM gears. So how does indexing actually work? Well, your […]

My Gf Gave Birth To Our Child Being In Coma

Hi guys. I’m Jeremy. At 19, I managed to become a father without a child, a grass-widower without ever being married and … a scoundrel without any excuse. And what have you achieved so far?… Okay, I’m trying to joke, otherwise, I’ll start crying. There’s nothing funny about my story. As you might have guessed, […]

Fear Stops Me Improving | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

– Are you terrified of progressing your skills because the fear of crashing takes over? Well that can be a big problem so let’s try and solve it. (dramatic music) It isn’t uncommon for mountain biking to scare you, in fact it’s almost a certainty that at some point you’re going to reach a level […]

What Noise Is My E-Bike Making? | How To Silence your EMTB Noises

– Your e-mountain bike should be near silent when out and about on the trails. You might hear a little whir coming from the motor, you might hear somebody shouting “Cheat!” at you. But those noises are nothing to worry about. There are a few noises that could mean something a little bit more ominous […]

How To Rebuild a Master Cylinder on a Motorcycle or ATV

In this video we’ll demonstrate how to rebuild a motorcycle or ATV master cylinder. When your brakes fade or feel spongy, it’s usually a good sign your master cylinder needs a rebuild. The seals can wear out and cause air to enter the system, therefore drastically reducing your stopping power. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries all […]

What’s The Diagnosis? | Common E-Bike Problems & How To Solve Them

– E-bikes are the pinnacle of technology at the moment, but when we’re out and about on the trails mixing electricity with mud and the water isn’t a good mix and understandably, things can actually go wrong and fail on your e-bike. But fear not. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at all your […]

Common E Bike Maintenance Mistakes | EMBN TOP 12

– Don’t go believing that an e-bike is riddled with maintenance issues, because that simply is not true. Just like a normal bike, their a simple beast to maintain. Now, a mountain bike in general is a pretty durable bike; however, with an e-bike there are certain details and considerations you need to bear in […]

5 Shifting Problems You’ll Have And How To Solve Them

– Given how exposed the rear derailleur is, they work really well, but you’ve got to look after them. If your rear mech is poorly adjusted, a little bit bent or even just old and rattly, you’re not gonna get the shifting that you need. So, here are the top five shifting problems that typically […]