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Sebastián Molano’s Colnago Concept | Team UAE Emirates Pro Bike

Speaker 1: Sebastián Molano is a 25-year-old Colombian cyclist who currently rides for the UAE Team Emirates. He started his career on the track but now his strength is in bunched sprints on the road. In fact, he won three stages in the Tour Colombia 2.1 just this year. Enough about the rider though. What […]

Vincenzo Nibali’s Merida Scultura | Bahrain Merida Pro Bike

– Vincenzo Nibali, an absolute legend of the sport of cycling, and here at the Giro d’Italia, he is lighting up the 2019 race, a race he has won on two occasions back in 2013 and 2016. But what is the bike of choice that he could take to victory here in Italy? And it […]

Personalised & Lightweight Pro Cycling Tech From The Giro d’Italia 2019

– I’m here at the Giro d’Italia, and it’s time to go and find some of the lightweight and custom tech on the rider’s bikes. Let’s go and have a look. Right, I’ve just happened to bump into Alexander Vinokourov of the Astana team, and he has got, probably the most bling pair of shoes […]

GCN Asks The Pros | How Long Should Your Sleeves Be?

[background music] Female Speaker 1: Our special foreign correspondent, Florian Chabbal was at the Saudi Tour earlier this month asking the pros all the important questions. Florian Chabbal: We are here in Saudi Arabia for the first edition of Saudi Tour. We’re going to ask the riders how long should be their sleeves. Niki, for […]

1985 Toyota Pickup vs 2020 Tacoma TRD Off Road Comparison/Review

Hey Toyota Truck Fans! Today we’re going to compare my 1985 Xtra Cab 4×4 to a 2020 TRD Off-Road and see how far these trucks have evolved over 35 years. This new Tacoma TRD Off-Road belongs to Mike from the OhYeahAboutThat Youtube Channel. Check out his channel for a lot more videos and upgrades to […]

How to Become A Professional Mountain Biker | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

– Your riding is great ofcourse you have that side of things covered otherwise you wouldn’t be considering this amazing leap. But, how do you do it? I mean sometimes it’s an obvious exchange between a rider and a sponsor that turns riders pro. Simple race results equals sponsorship, that kind of thing. Fantastic results […]

Post Race Banter | GMBN Asks The Pros At Andes Pacifico 2020

The Andes Pacifico is an amazing event as the riders spend the best part of a week racing from the high mountains to the sea. It’s one of the last chances to tune up before the EWS season kicks off in earnest. Just as seriously as these pros take their racing, they also take relaxing […]

How To Ride Like The Pros – Double Pace Line

Riding in a group in training generally means riding in two lines, with each rider taking their turn on the front. Many of the same tips apply for when you’re in a single or a double pace line. Try to keep the two lines as tight and close together as possible. As you go towards […]