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How To Pedal | Cycling Technique

Peddling is easy isn’t it you learn to ride a bike and it becomes very instinctive very quickly But what is it that pros do it takes pedaling to an art form [how] do they look so bloomin smooth? Well, here are few tips [you] will get you pedaling like a pro First up. We’re […]

How To Care For Your Bicycle Helmet

– Bike helmets do not last forever. If you look at the safety manual, or indeed, inside the box, you will see that you need to replace them in the event of an accident, or regardless, just every few years, which a lot of people do not do. People do not replace their bike helmets […]

How To Drift Like A Pro | Mountain Bike Skills

What is cooler than a two-wheel drift, feet up in a mountain bike kicking dust and dirt everywhere? Nothing, really. But around the kids, we recommend responsible drifting. So don’t go skidding up someone’s nice new trail, do it somewhere where it doesn’t matter. ♪ [music] ♪ As well as looking really cool on the […]