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Cyclist Vs Race Car Driver | Who Is The Fittest? Jeremy takes on Tony Kanaan.

(engine revving) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] I don’t think Kanaan, I don’t think he knows yet. Watch this from the onboard, this is the start of the race with Tony Kanaan. Line, he has certainly done that. Look at that, almost got taken out there on that left rear. He’s taking advantage of everybody in […]

Davide Formolo’s Specialized S-Works Tarmac | BORA-Hansgrohe Pro Bike

(logos whooshing) – It’s another GCN Pro Bike and this week I’ve got hold of this Davide Formolo’s specialized S-Works Tarmac. Right, lets get straight into it. Look at that for a start. The border hands got a custom paint job on this Tarmac. The Davide Formolo’s sticker there and the number one bike. This […]

What’s The Ideal Sock Height? | GCN Asks The Pros

– The UCI’s rule book. How we’d all love to just rip it up and throw it away. Well, there is one rule which was recently introduced, and that was all about sock length. Let’s ask the riders what they think about that and also what the ideal sock length should be. (techno music) – […]

Home-Made Custom Carbon Cycling Shoes With Adam Hansen

– And I thought, okay, I’ll make my own shoes, why not? – This is the moment where I’m just like how do you even begin to start with the shoe? (intro music) Right tech lovers, we’re lucky today because we’re joined by Adam Hansen of Lotto Soudal. And well, he’s a guy who I’ve […]

How Breakaways Work – Inside Line

There are two types of breakaways in stage races like the Tour de France: those that are doomed to fail and those that are likely to stay to the end and fight it out for a glorious victory. We can actually predict which one is likely to happen on which stage. First though, what is […]

A Day In The Life Of A Pro Cyclist with AG2R La Mondiale

– I’ve come to Spain to find out what happens in a typical day in the life of a professional cyclist. How much do they train? What do they do when they train? What do they eat? When do they eat it? Well, thanks to our friends at Mavic, they’ve given us exclusive access to […]

GCN’s Most Successful Pro Bikes of 2017

– [Dan] Which was the most successful bike of the 2017 season? It’s a season which is quickly fading from memory at the moment. So let’s remind you of some fantastic racing with the annual GCN World Tour of Bikes. – [Simon] You thought it was just riders that got world tour points. Well you […]

7 Weird Habits And Superstitions Of Professional Cyclists

– I’m not a huge fan of superstition myself. The idea that all of your hard work, dedication, and talent could be undone by forgetting one simple task or not even carrying a lucky charm just seems preposterous to me. – Yeah, but some people love them, Chris. So coming up are the weirdest superstitions […]