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How To Hold Your Handlebars Like A Pro

This position gives you the most control of your bike. This is perfect for descending or when riding in a nervous peloton. You are closer to your brakes and also have the greatest leverage in this position, and therefore more stopping power. This is the safest position to ride in, as you can maintain a […]

How To Dress Like a Pro Cyclist – What To Wear On your Bike

Here are some simple tips on what to wear to get the most out of your cycling. Dress for where you’re going, not just for where you’re starting from. If you’re riding up a mountain, bear in mind that the weather could be much colder higher up, or if it’s going to be 30 degrees […]

Tour of Oman 2013 – Stage 2 Race Report

Welcome to Bidbid in Oman, where old men brandishing swords mingle happily with athletes from the top table of world cycling. No team buses with tinted windows to hide on here: let’s make do with some plastic chairs outside the Naseem Saboor Restaurant and Coffee shop and its tempting aroma of incinerated chicken – In […]

Dirty Kanza 2020: How To Train For A 200 Mile Bike Ride

What is happening? Hugo Mendez with CHASKIS, here. And if you’ve been following these videos, you know that I’m currently training for the Dirty Kanza 200. What is the Dirty Kanza 200? Well, It’s a 200 mile gravel cycling race that takes place in Kansas. And as part of this journey for me to get […]

How Do You Prepare For Racing At Altitude? | GCN Asks The Pros

Speaker 1: Our friends at GCN Espanol have been in the Tour Colombia, asking the pros how did they prepare for a race at altitude? Over to you, Mayalen. Mayalen: Is it your first time in Colombia? Robin Carpenter: No, this is my third time here. I did two training camps here with the United […]

GCN Asks The Pros | How Long Should Your Sleeves Be?

[background music] Female Speaker 1: Our special foreign correspondent, Florian Chabbal was at the Saudi Tour earlier this month asking the pros all the important questions. Florian Chabbal: We are here in Saudi Arabia for the first edition of Saudi Tour. We’re going to ask the riders how long should be their sleeves. Niki, for […]

The Best (And Worst) Things About Being A Pro Cyclist

– Being a professional cyclist must have its perks. Lots of us would like to be professional cyclists, but there must be some down points as well. So we asked some cyclist this morning at the Dubai Tour, what are the best and worst parts of being a pro? (speaking foreign language) – Um. – […]

Tour Down Under 2018 | Stage 4 Report

Anticipated as the wildcard stage of this year’s Tour Down Under, Stage 4 featured the brand new finish town of Uraidla and before that, (the climb of) Norton Summit. An earlier start for the riders due to another incredibly hot day in South Australia. Two riders went off the front early, they were Zak Dempster […]