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How To Train For Long Climbs

The speed at which you’re able to ride long climbs is almost solely related to your functional Threshold power and that is defined as the maximum effort you can sustain For 60 minutes and that effort you’re making over long climbs will be almost purely aerobic so the best way to get faster is simply […]

Can You Climb On Aero Wheels?

– You’re in the market for a new set of wheels, and although there are lots of different types available, you’re probably wondering, should I get some deep section aero wheels, or some lightweight climbing ones? But, although deeps look really cool, I mean they look mint, don’t they, people often wonder, will they be […]

Jon’s Favourite Pro Bikes From The 2020 Tour Down Under

– As you know, I absolutely love my bikes and my bike tech. And I’m lucky enough to be here at the Santos tour down under, where every single world tour team is. So that means that these grubby little hands and these eyes can check out all the bikes in their glory. And I’m […]

What’s Inside A Pro Cyclist’s Suitcase? With Simon Geschke Of Team Sunweb

– I’m here, in an Italian hotel, about to rifle through the suitcase of Simon Geschke of Team Sunweb. Looks like there’s some washing outside. Don’t know who’s that is. Probably his, don’t know whether he’s dropping it off or picking it up. (knocking) Hopefully he’s in. Here’s the man himself, with one of the […]

Bike Racing Reinvented? | The GCN Show Ep. 216

– From the top of Tram Ton Pass in Vietnam. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – From Lasty’s Favorite Climb, Muro de Aia. Welcome to the GCN Show. – From all of us here at the International Velodrome in Milton. – [All] Welcome to the GCN Show! (wind rushing) (upbeat music) – Yay, yay, […]

New Cadex First Look | Hot Tour de France Tech

– It’s the 2019 Tour de France and I’m in Brussels for the Grand Depart. It’s a hive of activity here, there’s loads going on. One of the most exciting things is the launch of a brand new components brand called Cadex. Now, while at the Grand Depart, Cadex invited us down to the launch […]

7 Pro Cycling Future Tech & Equipment Predictions | GCN Tech Show Ep.90

– Welcome to the GCN Tech show. This week, again, it’s me and all my friends. Jon’s gone away, again. This time to Italy to see Vilia. Video coming soon. Anyhow, on this weeks show, we take a look at the future of pro-cycling road bike tech. Also, we have your upgrades to bike vault […]

Camp EF: Biking the Mountains, Gravel, and Roads of Arkansas

the team’s alternative camp was real eye-opener for me it’s kind of giving a breath of fresh air to my career the vibe o camp was a pretty free relax just hanging out riding mountain bikes shred our sport could learn a lot from mountain biking and gravel racing and just all sorts of bike […]