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Climb Like A Pro In Your Next Triathlon | Become A Better Climber

– Who doesn’t want to become a better climber? I mean the quicker you go up a hill then the sooner you get to enjoy the fun part, going down. – Yeah, well, whatever your incentive you’ll pleased to hear that there are a number of areas that you can address that can all work […]

Tech Extra: New Road Bike Tech At The 2017 Taipei Cycle Show

– The Taipei Cycle Show is one of the biggest events in the bike industry calendar. Everyone is here in some form or another and in fact, there’s as many meetings behind closed doors as there are in the exhibition hall. So what does that mean for us? Well, firstly, this is a great place […]

GCN Asks The Pros | Should Power Meters Be Banned From Racing?

– Now, there’s been some murmurs for a while and also now there’s been some pretty outspoken comments too regarding should powermeters be removed from the teams bikes at the Tour de France to try and liven up the races? Well, I’ve decided to actually ask professionals what they think of this matter. Let’s go […]

How To Cycle Faster For Free – Ride Your Bike Faster With Less Effort

We all know that slipstreaming behind other riders is the most effective way of going faster with less effort. However, it takes a rider with some pretty thick skin to withstand the kind of abuse that you might get if you sit in all day. There are however some very useful tricks that you can […]

Understanding Your Power Meter Data (Cycling Tips)

hey guys Vegan cyclist, I want to talk about understanding your data from your power meter I’ve had a lot of questions about this people asking me my experience with this but so we’ll break it down into three different topics one how to set up your data on your garmin properly so that you’re […]

How To Increase Your Power On The Bike | 3 Bike Workouts To Make You Faster

– It’s the beginning of a new season so you’ve probably already started to look at your diary and plan those goals for the upcoming months. And now, as athletes, we naturally aspire to improve and get faster and faster year on year, but how exactly can we get faster? – Yes, finding more power […]

How To Boost Your Power On The Bike | GCN Pro Tips

=- Now you might not want more power from going into politics or trying to run a multinational company, but I can’t imagine there’s a single one us that wouldn’t want more power when it’s in the context of bike riding. It is a word that gets banded around an awful lot though. So to […]

Can Your Bike Be Too Good For You? | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 13

– Hello and welcome to the GCN Tech Show. (electronic wooshing) This week we are asking the question, can a bike be too good for it’s rider? Some interesting answers to that one for sure. We have a load of great new tech of course, including stuff from SOM and Officina Battaglin among others, and […]

Tubular Tyres: Tape Or Glue? | The GCN Tech Clinic

(clanking iron) – So I’m back with another episode of the GCN Tech clinic where we answer your tech related problems and questions and quarries that you may have. First up though, last week I tackled a question from Paraic Furlong who wanted to fit an 11 speed cassette onto a 10 speed free hub, […]