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Secret Pro E Bike Skills | How To Ride Your EMTB Fast

– Now I’ve been a pro mountain biker for around 20 years. I’ve spent a few of them on e-bikes as well, so I’ve learn a few tips and tricks along the way. So today I’m going to show you a few secret e-MTB tricks to help you guys out on the trails. (uplifting music) […]

8 Pro Cyclists Training Secrets | How The Pros Get Fit For Racing

– Have you ever wondered how the pros get themselves into what they believe to be top shape? – Well in this video we’re going to go through some old and new techniques that got them to top form. You ready to go and try them mate? – Better get out of these T-shirts into […]

Trek Verve+

More power, more possibility. Electrify your everyday with Verve+.

來自義大利的新玩具!Favero ASSIOMA功率踏板開箱體驗

Today, I will unbox a new item that I just received. This item came far away from Italy Let’s find out what is it Here’s a letter I’m kind of … hard to understand what’s the letter writing about Here it is This is our ket point today This is an… New released power meter […]

First Ride: KTM EXC TPI 2018 am Erzberg

KTM TPI presentation 2018 the first facts got released: The fuel injection means: no jetting is required, so the power characteristics stay the same at all times. Less fuel consumption, about 20-30 % and premixing fuel and oil is a thing of the past. Another positive fact is: the bike doesn’t stink anymore during transportation […]


all right what is going on guys it’s JJ here back with another video today we are with so in today’s video we’ll be doing an extreme kicking challenges video last video that we did was mainly focus on kicking stand we did a little bit of clapping pads but today we’ll be focusing on […]

How To Pace Your Effort On A Long Climb

– When you get to a climb the first thing you might ask yourself is what is the aim? Is it to get your fastest time, as in a time trial for example? Is it simply to survive the climb as part of a longer ride or is it to win the climb, to solo […]

How To Climb Out Of The Saddle

– A la danser, they call it in French. Dancing on the pedals. Some people just make it look so smooth and so elegant and yet some people dread it. Mostly because they find it pretty hard. Well, I think riding out of the saddle is 90% technique and only 50% effort. So, here is […]

Powermeters Cheaper than Inner Tubes? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 116

Manon: Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. Ollie: This week, we’ve got wheels that will last a lifetime, new tubeless tires, wearable tech, your upgrades, the bite vault and– Manon: Our main talking point, powermeters for just $6. Will all bikes have powermeters in the future? [music] Ollie: First, a quick update on our search […]