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A Road Bike Nightmare | Freak Week Halloween Special

(scary music and lightening strike) (evil laughter) – Okay. Nigh night. Nigh night then. Nigh night. Nigh night. (laughs) Mm… (thunder crackling) (gentle snoring) (thunder crackling) (dramatic music) (mumbling and whimpering) (birds tweeting) – That was not a good night. – Oh, I was so sick, I was shredding– – Morning mate! – Oh, hey […]

Strength Session On The Passo Falzarego | Improve Your Pedalling Torque

(upbeat music) – Hello, and welcome to a GCN strength training session. In this we’re going to be building that all important leg strength by doing torque intervals. So that’s where, using low cadence work in order to really put some stress on our muscles. Now we’re doing it in the beautiful surroundings of the […]

Electric Bike Proyect (MAGLEV principle)

First we mounted the neodymium permanet magnets we catch the magnet´s position using an optocoupler the optocoupler commands de electric signal for the electromagnet (the green one) I still filming? we mounted the system in a real bike the light activate the optocoupler there you go can you count the rounds?

Cadence Training With GCN | Over/Under Interval Workout On The Passo Sella

– Welcome to our indoor session focusing on threshold, running up threshold, and taking us up the beautiful Passo Sella climb, in the Alta Badia region of the Dolomites. It’s gonna be an intense session, a race-like session, focusing on riding at threshold and then holding it there. It’s a very simple session, but we’re […]

How Do I Ride Blind Corners Without Losing Speed? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to ask GCN Anything. It’s that time of the week when we go through all your questions, all about cycling. And in this week, what do we have in store? – This week have how to stay motivated whilst commuting, how to maintain your bike on a long multi-stage event, and which bike […]

Power Bike Field Garmin IQ Application

Presenting Power Bike Field and Power Run Field. This is a zones based data field Garmin IQ Application with a functional design for climbing and time trial specialists, performance and racing, This is a Single Field Layout Data field: optimized With 12 fields in one data field with zones and calculated power when PowerMeter is […]

Triathlon Training Explained | Bike Pacing For Triathlon And Time Trialling

(upbeat instrumental music) – Welcome back to triathlon training explained, powered by Training Peaks. This week we’re gonna be looking at bike pacing within a triathlon. – Yeah, we’re particularly talking about non drafting triathlon here, where an evenly paced bike leg is thought to have the best end result, but as we all know […]

How To Train On Your Commute | Threshold Workout

(upbeat music) – I like to do my training first thing in the morning, if possible, luckily for me, I have about an hour’s commute by bike, which is perfect actually for fitting in this snappy little FTP session. Now because I have a bit of a tendency to faff in the morning, over a […]