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Downhill Bikes With Plus Sized Tyres? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

Welcome to Ask GMBN th… (lips smack) Welcome to Ask GMBN this week where we have got the whole crew. – Everyone’s in. – Oh yeah. – We’re splendid. And we’re multicoloured. We’ve got everything. All the information GMBN has got to offer for you in answering your questions. Doddy, how have we found those […]

Fat Vs Plus Mountain Bike Tyres | GMBN Tech Geek Edition

Right, so this is the geek edition of Blake’s video, his fat versus plus bike video, where he took the two different bikes out, compared them, did some riding tests, did some really random tests, as Blake does. But this is more techy. We’re going to take a look at the technology that goes into […]

MTB Wheel Size Experiment | 29er Front & 27.5+ Rear Geek Edition

– This is the tech follow-up of the GMB video where I actually tried a bigger wheel in my Scott Genius where I ran a 29 up front and 27.5 plus in the rear. If you’ve not seen that video already, I would check that out before you watch this. But also, I’ve done a […]

ReTyre bike tires feature interchangeable skins!

At the heart of the Norwegian-designed system is a set of 568-gram smooth-tread, base tires that mount on the rims in the usual way, and stay on the bike full-time they’re not tubeless, although a tubeless version is in the works. These can be used on their own, for commuting or touring. There are also, […]

Fat Bike Vs Plus Bike – What’s The Difference?

♪ [music] ♪ – [Scott] So, Neil, it’s time to answer that burning question, “Is bigger better?” – [Neil] Well, when it comes to tire size, I think most of the time, yes. I’ve ridden a fat bike a few times now, and in certain situations, they’re brilliant, but not always, should I say. And […]