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Custom Bike Tech At The Tour de France | Tour de France 2017

– Custom bikes and custom kit is a huge thing here at the Tour de France. So, a few days ahead of the race, we’ve been around and looked through all of the teams’ kit. And here is a selection of the finest custom pro bikes and custom pro kit that will be racing the […]

Training With Team Sky

– We’ve been invited here, to Team Sky’s Mallorca training camp by Wahoo, to join the team in an indoor training session, where I’ll be riding along with the likes of Michał Kwiatkowski and Wout Poels, and I must admit, I am looking forward to that. – Bucket. Bucket for Matt. – Before we do […]

NEW SRAM Red eTap Wireless Groupset – GCN’s First Ride

Now, it’s all very well and good looking at new bike components, but to really know what it’s all about, we actually need to ride them. And today is very exciting, because I get to check it out – for the very first time, SRAM’s new Red eTap wireless shifting Now, they’ve changed the way […]

4 Bits Of Retro Cycling Tech You Should Know About

– Here at GCN, we really do love a bit of retro-tech, and we know you do too. – So we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite bits of old school tech. (old-fashioned music) – Starting with these Spinergy Rev X wheels. Now the company was set up in the early 1990’s […]

Adam Blythe’s Ridley Noah SL Pro Bike

(exhilarating dance music) – Probably the most extreme position I’ve ever seen on a Road Bike. This is Adam Blythe’s, Ridley Noah SL. He’s the current British National Champion and he’s riding this year for the Aqua Blue Sport Team. The first ever Pro Continental Team to come from Ireland. Look at the stem, negative […]

GCN’s Most Successful Pro Bikes of 2017

– [Dan] Which was the most successful bike of the 2017 season? It’s a season which is quickly fading from memory at the moment. So let’s remind you of some fantastic racing with the annual GCN World Tour of Bikes. – [Simon] You thought it was just riders that got world tour points. Well you […]

How To Use Zwift | Zwift For Beginners

(lively music) You might have seen the videos of us riding on Zwift You might have seen the videos of us training on Zwift And you will definitely, I’m pretty sure, have seen a video of us racing Jens Voigt on Zwift. but if you’re actually not familiar with how you use it, then let’s […]

Is A 1x Drivetrain The Right Choice For You?

– Pro cycling team Aqua Blue recently announced that they would be using 3T frames for the 2018 season. It caused something of a ruckus. Firstly because the frames are disc brake only. So controversy one. And then secondly because you can’t use a front derailleur with them. It just won’t fit. So they have […]

Hottest New Road Bike Tech | Eurobike 2018

– Brace yourselves because coming up we have got some the hottest, new road bike tech out there. – That’s right, we’re here at Eurobike. 13 halls and over 1400 exhibitors, showing the latest and greatest products. – We’ve got our work cut out Ollie, we better get a move on. You go that way, […]

Tech Extra: New Road Bike Tech At The 2017 Taipei Cycle Show

– The Taipei Cycle Show is one of the biggest events in the bike industry calendar. Everyone is here in some form or another and in fact, there’s as many meetings behind closed doors as there are in the exhibition hall. So what does that mean for us? Well, firstly, this is a great place […]