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How To Clean Your Bike On Holiday Or Travelling | Maintenance Monday

– You’ve come away on the riding trip of a lifetime, you’ve been on perfect roads in perfect weather, and then one day this happens. Which is a problem. But you ride anyway, because you’re hard as nails, obviously And then, then you have an issue because your bike is now absolutely filthy. So what […]

How To Carry Your Cycling Spares

– For all but the shortest bike rides, you’re gonna need to take some stuff with you. At the bare minimum, a mini-pump, a multi-tool, and an inner tube to help you fix any road-side mechanical problems. – Yeah and avoid having to walk home. Weirdly, though, how you choose to carry that stuff is […]

The Iconic Giant TCR – Retro Vs Modern

when we think about recent advances in bike technology might think about frame material so transitioning from steel through to carbon fiber or we might think about the race to improve aerodynamics or to reduce weight but one thing we probably all overlook is geometry and that that would be a mistake because this right […]