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How To Ride Massive Jumps With Nico Vink | MTB Skills

(upbeat rock music) – Right, big table tops yes bike parks have these things all over the place and they are big. And everyone wants to hit the biggest table top. They want to clear it just to show off to their mates. I hit the biggest table top out there. So why are table […]

Top 5 Beginner Body Position Mistakes | Mountain Biking 101

– Right here are basic beginner mistakes in posture when riding a bike out on the trail, we’ve all been there and we’ve all done it. – Yeah it’s easy to get into bad habits as well so here’s five really good examples of what not to do, and how to improve your riding. So […]

16 Money Saving Tips For Mountain Biking

– Mountain biking can be expensive, but here at GMBN we’re gonna give you some tips on how to save money. (upbeat music) The first one from me is don’t get caught in the tech race. There’s always gonna be bigger, better, more expensive, new bikes coming out on the market but get yourself onto […]

10 Essential Phone Apps For Mountain Biking

– Neil, now I don’t know about you, but I rarely go anywhere without my mobile phone. – Exactly – Especially on a bike ride. Because I want to record my ride, I want to check my stats. And, obviously, I want to get some good instabaggers. Yeah, super useful. And especially with these mountain […]

What To Carry In A MTB First Aid Kit

– Mountain biking, like all sports, has its risks. Now, you could be pinning it down a trail at speed, navigating through some techy rock areas, or even just trying to get your bike out the car. Accidents can happen, so it’s really important for you to be prepared, and have a handy first aid […]

3 Hacks To Fix A Broken Mountain Bike Chain | MTB Maintenance

– A bike chain can go through some serious abuse when it’s out on the trails. And this isn’t just muddy and wet trail conditions, I’m talkin’ about. When you think of the amount of torque that goes through it, the sideways movement from such a huge range of gears, it’s no wonder that this […]

How To Buy A Mountain Bike – 5 Tips To Get The Right MTB For You

– Buying a new mountain bike is really exciting but with so many different disciplines out there and different types of bike, it can be a choice that you could get wrong. – We’ve worked in bike shops, we’ve been pro racers, we’ve been mechanics so with all that experience we are gonna give you […]

How To Avoid Punctures On Your Mountain Bike

– The most common mechanical problem, and probably the most frustrating to getting a ride, is getting a puncture. But today, we’ll look at a few tips, little bike setup hacks, and things you can buy to make them almost disappear. So this is how to avoid punctures. So, number one, the first thing I […]

How Much Does Weight Effect Mountain Biking?

– So I’ve always been a fairly skinny guy, and I used to be super dedicated to my training when I raced full time, but when I go and ride with friends some of them are larger, and it always looks to me that they’re working much harder. Yes they might not have as much […]

Using A BMX Track To Improve Mountain Bike Skills

– I said pumping’s gonna make you faster and smoother. It’s a money-back guarantee by the way. So why smoother? Well it means you can flow the trail, really think about generating speed from it, rather than pedaling, catching your pedals on the floor, potentially crashing. – Exactly and why faster? Well I use the […]