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How To Clean Your Bike On Holiday Or Travelling | Maintenance Monday

– You’ve come away on the riding trip of a lifetime, you’ve been on perfect roads in perfect weather, and then one day this happens. Which is a problem. But you ride anyway, because you’re hard as nails, obviously And then, then you have an issue because your bike is now absolutely filthy. So what […]

How To Replace & Fit Gear Cables On A Road Bike Like A Pro | Maintenance Monday

– Changing your gear cables could quite possibly be the best thing that you can do to improve the performance of your shifting. Putting new, good quality cable inners and outers on will improve the accuracy of your shifting. It’s gonna make your shifting action lighter. And particularly, it’s gonna help with troublesome downshifts, so […]

Disc Brake Hacks For Road Bikes | Road Bike Maintenance

– Ah, disc brakes. The hardest to look after than rim brakes. Possibly just a little bit. But the main reason for that is because they are different to what most people are used to. But with the tips and the hacks which are coming up You should be well on your way. [Upbeat Music […]

Bike Tyre Pressure Explained | Road Bike Maintenance

– How hard should your tyres really be and what is the right pressure? The first point, if we’re starting completely from scratch is to make sure that you pump up your tyres to within the minimum and the maximum recommended pressure that’s normally printed on the side of the tyre there. Now this one, […]

Is Steel Real? | 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Steel

– Steel is the most traditional of bike materials, it’s got a long and distinguished career in cycling. And while new wonder materials have stolen it’s limelight there are many people for whom a steel bike is the dream bike but how does it really compare? Well yeah steel is steel yes but there are […]

7 Ways To Use Your Old Bicycle Inner Tubes

– Now many of us have plenty of these lying around. Old inner tubes. So wherever you put your stuff after you’ve finished your ride, often we just forget about it. So your garage, your shed, your workshop, who knows? So, what can we do with these? Well, other than re-patch them and use them […]

Save or Spend? Cycling Upgrade Hacks | Maintenance Monday

– Most of us upgrade or at least dream of upgrading our bikes. So, replacing individual parts for ones that perhaps work better, look better, or add new functionality. But not all upgrades represent good value. So, when moneys tight, this is where you think you should invest. It’s time for GCN’s, save or spend? […]

Should You Jet Wash Your Bike? | Maintenance Monday

– The jetwash, an amazing and fast way to get stuff clean, stuff that includes your bike. Question is though, should you actually jetwash it? Well, we’re gonna find out, ready? (dramatic music) (maniacal laughter) People that say don’t jetwash your bike will tell you that one quick blast from a high-pressure hose will completely […]

6 Checks To Do Before You Ride Your Bike

– It’s not just if you’re taking the bike out of the garage for the first time in ages or indeed if you’re lucky enough to be throwing your leg over a brand new bike. No, there are a few key safety checks which you should perform periodically on your bike before you head out […]