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What Is An Echelon? | Road Racing Explained

(upbeat electronic music) – Echelon is a French word which literally translates to rung of a ladder. It was originally a military term which referred to the step-like formation of troops and if you take a look at an overhead shot of echelons in cycling, you’ll quickly see why that term was used. An echelon […]

What Is Drafting? | Road Racing Explained

(fast paced music) – Drafting is one of the key components of cycling, and it’s allowed in all mass start road races, but not allowed in individual time trials. It is also known as slip streaming, or sitting on the wheel, and it’s where you ride behind another rider, or riders. Air resistance is the […]

What Is A Rest Day? | Road Racing Explained

(relaxed electronic music) – Each three week Grand Tour has at least two rest days. Which, as the name suggests, means a day off racing. The first of those will generally come after around nine days of racing, with the second coming around about a week later. However, if that Grand Tour has started abroad […]

What Is The Peloton? | Road Racing Explained

(energetic music) – Peloton is a French word which literally translates to little ball. Originally, it was a military term used to describe the tight formation of a group of soldiers. And in cycling, it is the main body of riders within a road race. Due to the advantageous effects of slipstreaming behind other riders, […]