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Hill climb racing 2 Friendly challenges #2

[SV] King VS. [SV] Master [SV] King VS. [SV] Master [SV] King VS. stureplayz [SV] King VS. [SV] Master Showing the leaderboard Friendly race Playing at Finger GP whit the Rally car LEVEL 50 [SV] King VS. AB VS. Rowdy VS. sergey Getting a CHAMPION chest Playing at Forest cup whit Rally car LEVEL 50 […]

Catch the Holiday Buzz

[MUSIC PLAYING] [CAR ALARM] [LOCKING NOISE] [CAR ALARM] SUBJECT 1: Hey Al, we’re roasting chestnuts. AL: That sounds dangerous. SUBJECT 2: We’re decorating cookies, Al. AL: Hello, keto. SUBJECT 2: Holiday carol? AL: I’m tone deaf. SUBJECT 2: [EXHALE] AL: Yes! [MUSIC PLAYING]