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Why Tel Aviv’s Bike Paths Will Never Be As Good As Copenhagen’s

We’ve already shown you plenty of Tel Aviv’s terrible bike infrastructure in our previous video: “…pathetic excuse for a bike path…” “…worthless” “…still doesn’t save you from getting doored…” “…just a tiny bit of paint…” “…tendency to disappear…” “…energy-wasting hassle…” “…THE best bike path in Tel Aviv” But this disgraceful state of affairs is not […]

Putting Bikes On The Map | GCN Does Strava Art

Hank: Oh, my gosh, Manon, check this out. Look this is Ariel, the little mermaid that has been drawn onto the streets of San Francisco. Manon: That is pretty cool. Hank: Given it wasn’t a cyclist, it was a jogger. Manon: Check this out. Hank: What have we got there? Manon: Brian Dave cycled 100 […]

How To Complete A Century | Top Training Tips For A 100 Mile Bike Ride

(upbeat music) – Completing a century bike ride is pretty much a milestone in cycling. Even if it’s your first of the year, or it’s your first ever. It can be really daunting, after all, it’s 100 miles, it’s a long way. – It’s a really long way. But in this video, we’re going to […]

Weird But Essential Tips For Globetrotting Cyclists

(upbeat music) – Whether you’re off to find some winter sun, or taking yourself away for a multi-month, epic adventure around the entire globe, there are some notable tips. Pieces of advice, laws, that your going to need to remember. Now some are stranger than others. But equally as important. (wind rushing) If you’re on […]

How To Get Back Into Running

– The worst part of a running injury is not being able to do the sport that you love. The best part, however, is being given the all clear and getting back to running pain-free. Now if this is managed well, you’ll find that you can actually return to your previous level of fitness relatively […]

Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars

If you imagine a typical American city street, and you take away the space that’s dedicated to cars, you aren’t left with very much. There are some narrow walkways on the side, and some bridges in between them, but not much else. Cars dominate cities. Spend some time walking around most cities and you’ll find […]

How Not To Be A D**k On A Bike | Simple Cycling Etiquette

– We all aspire to be the best cyclist we can be, and I’m not just talking about how strong and how fit we can be. – No, there is more to it like being a nice all-around individual on the bike too. – What, just a nice cyclist? – Everybody loves a nice cyclist. […]

Get Fit In 4 Weeks Ep. 1 | Planning & Preparing

– Has this month’s Tour de France inspired you to get back on your bike, to become a little fitter, faster, maybe even ride a little longer, take in some more challenging terrain perhaps? – Though maybe, like me, you’ve left a little bit late to train up for that big event that is fast […]

How To Prepare For Your First Mountain Bike Race

(intense music) (bike tires riding on dirt) – I’ve probably done my fair share of mountain bike races in the last 20 years. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, that’s for sure but I’m gonna give you some tips on how to approach your first race. (upbeat jazzy music) So first thing to do really, […]