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Front View – Bike Fitting your Body! Good Knee Alignment!

Hi, here we are at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy with Doug Talier who’s doing the Granfondo in Penticton this weekend and we’re just looking at how he’s moving on the bike to help make it more efficient. So we talked to Doug a little bit about positioning his pelvis and his sinking his hips on […]

What Does Your Alignment Look Like On The Bike?

So one of the things we wanted to take a look at on the bike is the alignment through the front of the chain. So we want to see a straight line, Angela is doing pretty well, straight line through the foot, knee and hip through here, so you don’t see your knee turning in […]

Two Simple Ways to Prevent Injuries While Mountain Biking

Get the quality care you need from our multidisciplinary team of experts in sports injury treatment and prevention, so you can recover quickly and get back in the game. Hi, my name’s Chang Yuan, I’m a physiotherapist at Lifemark. I’ve been treating patients for over ten years now. I’ve been seeing athletes and a little […]

Powering Uphill On The Bike – Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

So one question that we get in the clinic here with riding the bike, is how can I generate more power going up the hills because we have lots of hills here in North Vancouver, and how can I do it more efficiently without causing back pain? And what we often see in the clinic […]

Body Works Sports Physiotherapy – Bike Fitting

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and today we’ve got Angela on her bike and we’re going to go through a few tips to help you out on the road out there. So we’re going to take a look at Angela’s positioning on the bike from the side […]