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How Peloton Has Built a Cult-Like Customer Following

Speaker 1: Good day. If you follow me on Instagram you will know I’m obsessed with my Peleton. What’s a Peleton you ask? It’s basically a bike that goes nowhere. It is also a case study in my book, the book called “Attention Pays”. Now why did I use Peleton? Well John Foley, the CEO, […]

Peloton Bike vs. NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle (Our Story)

Hello, and welcome to the channel! Today I’m going to talk about the peloton bike versus the NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle. I’ll list some pros and cons of each, and I’ll also tell our experience. We bought our peloton bike in 2015, and we really liked it. My wife really liked the classes, and I […]

How to ride in a peloton or group

So fahrt ihr im Hauptfeld oder in einer Gruppe Wenn ihr in einer Gruppe fahrt solltet ihr plötzliche Bewegungen oder Geschwindigkeitswechsel vermeiden Macht eure Team-Kollegen auf mögliche Hindernisse und Gegenverkehr aufmerksam Berührt nicht die Laufräder eures Vordermannes. Haltet eine halbe Laufradlänge Abstand & die Straße im Blick Nehmt erst die Hände vom Lenker, wenn die […]

5 Devious Cycling Tricks Of Tour de France Riders | Pro Cyclist Racing Secrets

– There are many devious tricks you can use to deceive your competitors when cycling. – And these devious tricks have been deployed throughout the entire history of the Tour de France. Not the most devious trick in the book, but a good tool to have at your disposal nonetheless. I’m talking about sheltering. (French […]

Peloton Cycle Bike | Personal Software Review and Get Up-Close!

Hi YouTube, I’m Giselle and today I’m going to be giving you a closer look at the Peloton Cycle bike software. So if you look here on your left, you’ll see the “Upcoming Live Classes” and these are all live classes. This means they are live streamed directly from the studio in New York. What […]

Step Into Your Power With Fitness Phenomenon Robin Arzon

– [Robin] From the belly of production, there’s a hallway that leads into the studio. I liken it to the pathway that players walk through to get out on to the field. That live element is never lost on us. You’re hosting a show while working out, while engaging with thousands of people. When that […]

Episode 13: Peloton Challenge

– Have you ever bought anything and then not use it? I have, and I want to talk to you about that one. (bright music) Hey, it’s Robyn Burdett with RE/MAX, and I just wanted to have this conversation with you today, kind of a a-ha moment, maybe, with some accountability thrown in here. But […]

Peloton — Fin i farta

PELOTON — NICE ON THE MOVE My name is Aimar Niedźwiedzki. I am one of the co-owners of Peloton, which is a bicycle bar in Torggata. The reason why bicycling became such a huge interest to me was because of Italy. I get a lot of inspiration from there, ergo it means I’m also interested […]

Peloton Cycle for Mental Health – Turning Life Around – Weight Loss

Hey guys, Paul Graves here. Take the Lemons.com. Welcome to our first video! Here in my living room right now. Now, I just moved in so there’s nothing on the walls, but, got me and my daughter a nice three-bedroom house. Coming from a basement where I was living for two years. So using this […]