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TRIATHLON NEWS March 5, 2019: USA Triathlon, Peloton worth billions & ITU Oceania

What’s Up Trainiacs! (quiet upbeat music) Welcome to this week’s Triathlon News Day Tuesday. In this week’s edition of Triathlon News Day. USA Triathlon is handing out money, just making it rain all over the place. Speaking of money, one of the biggest IPO’s in endurance sports history is about to go down this summer, […]

These Twins Are Our Ride-Or-Die Inspiration

(upbeat music) – [Katia] Being a twin, you’re always identified as a unit. – [Jasmine] We’ve experienced every moment in life together. – [Katia] We learned to drive together, you go to school together, you’re in the same class. – [Jasmine] We went through the same hardships as teenagers. – [Katia] We work together, we’re […]

Welcome to our Peloton!!! – #keynotespeaker #leadershipcoach

– Hey there, it’s Michael. Welcome to my snow globe moment as well as my YouTube Channel. As we start our connection, I have a question for you. When was your last bad day? I’ll give you some time to think about that. For me, it was on July 11th, 2001. That morning I was […]

Spotting Profit Opportunities From Peloton’s Notorious Commercial

– So you just saw the news, a big company, a real company just pulled back hard on some sort of news. You know the simple fact is, we live in this social media world where there’s a little bit of this outraged culture, and these stocks, these real companies can drop quickly based on […]


Hey, what’s up K-Stars, it is your girl Kristyn Alexis and in today’s video We are gonna be talking about the Peloton bike. I did a review when I first got the bike I think it might have been like my first one or two weeks in and I wanted to do a follow-up to […]

The TOP 5 PELOTON RIDES You Need in Your Training Plan

– Hey there, it’s Michael. Well, in this video you’re gonna discover the five rides I think everyone should have in their Peloton training program. And welcome to my bike cave, my pain cave, clearly not a set for a Peloton commercial, but this is where I do my work, physically and emotionally, physical labor […]

Couples React To Controversial Peloton Ad

– There is no backstory, it’s an ad! – I feel uncomfortable reading and watching some of these. – Yeah! – (woman) To new beginnings! – I wanna see if she still has her wedding ring on? ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (man) Okay, ready? – (woman) Yes! – (man) Now! – (woman) A Peloton? […]