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This couple is cycling around the world for two years!

World Bicycle Tour 32 Countries 2 years on the road Hello! My name is Michel I’m Olga and this is our companion Sheep! And together we are Rausgefahren! Since 2 years we are on the road with our bikes On a Worldbicycletour On May 24, 2016 we started in Hamburg And our adventure started And […]

Rewards, Iran und Korea | Update Fahrrad Weltreise #9

First, a big Thank you To all our supporters on Patreon The november Rewards are available These are the new wallpapers For Smartphone and Laptop For all our 8$ supporters Next Saturday at 10.30 German time Will be the Live YouTube Session The second Sheep Postcard for printing And the South Korea postcard And the […]

How To Pedal Like A Pro | Cycling Technique

– I’ve got memories of learning to ride a bike and once I found my balance, being told by my parents to just pedal, well, that’s what a lot of us still think we need to do, and to a certain extent, we’re right. But there is actually some technique to doing it well. So […]

10 E-MTB Tips For Beginners | Bike Setup And Riding

– Today’s video we’re looking at beginner style videos teaching the basics of e-bike and set up techniques and tips before you hit the trails. It doesn’t matter what bike you’ve got, full suspension bike or a hardtail, all these setup techniques and trail tips are gonna be exactly the same. Take a few of […]

Spinning Vs Grinding | Which Is Best For E-Bike Riding?

– Spinning versus grinding it’s an age-old question that road riders have agonized over for decades. Pedal faster to go faster, spin to win. – Yeah even at higher-level mountain biking we see a lot of grinding going on especially as cross country pros. – But this is e-biking and we still spin but for […]

How Does An E-Bike Ride Without The Battery? | Battery Vs No Battery

– The battery is a really important part of your e-bike. Obviously it powers you up the hills with all that assistance to the motor. Now we often gets asked the question here on EMBN about riding your e-bike without a battery. So today we’ve come to 417 Bike Park to see how it affects […]

How To Ride Singletrack Faster | E-Mountain Bike Skills

– Riding singletrack trails can be amazing, it’s the most fun you can probably have out on your E bike. Simply finding that flail on the trail can’t be beaten. Here’s our 10 tips to ride singletrack faster. (techno music) When it comes to riding singletrack faster, it means that you got to pedal. You […]

How To Pedal Like A Pro | Road Bike Skills And Technique

Pedalling is something most of us do without even thinking about it. But if that’s you, then you’re missing a trick. Like most things in cycling, there’s a technique to doing it well. There’s a well-worn phrase, which is to pedal in circles. Essentially this means that you should think about using all 360 degrees […]