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Underground Tunnel Leads to SECRET Scooter Street Spot!

They’re both on that, you know five bucks if you wear that What are the odds you put on that shirt right there? If you guys say the same number you both have to put it on one two three 14 Oh Okay, well we’re starting to stay off by going through this hair tunnel […]

Kid Scootering With BROKEN LEG!

I Got some work to do bro Yesterday we went and rode the pumptrack and afterwards a scoot is not working correctly. Something’s wrong with my headset So I got a thick strap really quick. So oh so Bless you we’re gonna put a little bit of lubricant and the headset and then we got […]

Scootering at GIANT Woodward Camp Skatepark!

Bigger bars off Makuta gah get the bars off. I figured you had the biggest bag so you can put yours in there first Okay, sound like gonna throw up. Oh, okay. These one is a huge one Yes, sir. Jerry’s brother Why do we have all this stuff in the car today? Well today […]

Downhill Bike Or Enduro Bike | Which Is Better?

– Welcome back, you beautiful people. And guess where we are. – Whistler. – Yes! – [Neil] If you’ve ever been here, you’ll recognize this view. You’ve probably been here and taken selfies like we just have. – We just have done that. (camera shutter clicks) – Yeah, and today, Blake, we’re riding downhill bikes. […]