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Noah’s first KaZAM bike ride!

Kazam® Noah’s Ride Hi My name is noah This summer I learned how to ride with my KaZAM It was easy and SO.MUCH. FUN. I love putting my feet up and going FAST! I rode all day until it was time to go home. I cant wait to ride again tomorrow!

Le Portugal ; Destination MTB

Welcome to this quick guide of mountainbiking in Portugal First, we spent a week in Madeira in february, The whole week was filled with perfect weather, back to back 20 Celcius degrees average every day. Easy to get used to. For the shuttle and guiding services, we did business with Bikulture A small company we […]

POV Bike Park Check | Loam & Flow At Windhill Bike Park

– Welcome back, you beautiful people! There’s a question that you guys have been asking in the comments down below. “Why do we always end up at Wind Hill Bike Park “for filming?” – Well, it’s our local bike park, but it’s also really good! So today, why don’t you follow us along and see […]

Tokyo Bike Ride POV | Otemachi to Tokyo Bay – 4K Gopro

Tokyo Otemachi Marunouchi Naka-Dori Street National route 20 Turn left here, then you can see Tokyo station Harumi Dori Avenue Yurakucho station is on the left Sukiyabashi crossing Ginza 4chome crossing Tsukiji Sumida river Kachidoki bridge Harumi Ohashi bridge Oh yeah! Skytree Shin-Toyosu Toyosu 6chome Park Ariake Arena (Olympics site) Olympic Gymnastic Center Disaster Prevention […]

Charles Darwin National Park | What to do in Darwin? | Drone Kings in Darwin

Charles Darwin National Park Charles Darwin National Park is 4km southeast of Darwin, Australia The park has national significance for its ecological diversity, Aboriginal and World War Two history. Shell middens in the park suggest Larrakia people have used this land for thousands of years During WWII it was known as the Frances Bay RAAF […]

International students ride the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park

Hi Im Ernesto. Hi Im Mark, and I’m Kal. We are studying Sports Science at UWA, and it’s a beautiful day here in Perth, and we are here at the ‘Goat Farm mountain bike park’, and we’re going to do a bit of riding. Yep, so lets go. Yep, we are here at the ‘Goat […]

Hottest New Tech From Eurobike 2019!

– Myself and Jon are here at Eurobike in Germany. The world’s biggest bike exhibition and trade show, on the hunt for hot, new tech. – Ollie, what are you wearing? (record scratching) – This is what everyone wears in Germany, Jon. – No, they don’t! – Lederhosen, socks, sandals, you’re part of my cunning […]

Worlds ULTIMATE Backyard Skateparks!

But Unfortunately, it’s unrealistically windy outside today, and it’s freezing So therefore we are unable to go outside and actually ride our scooters and get like an action-packed video out for you guys today So that freaking hurt my hands are still messed up instead of actually going to the skate park I’m gonna look […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #5

Hello all and I invite you for another ride today for a leisurely ride forest – “Puszcza Bukowa” air temperature felt plus do not forget to leave the subscription, likes and comments under the film and press the “bell” who ran it? how nice she ran… what was that ? i think Roe oh please! […]