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Paris-Roubaix & Itzulia Basque Country | The Cycling Race News Show

Welcome back, this week the cobbled classics conclude on Northern France with Paris Roubaix, we have the sprinters classic, Scheldeprijs, stage racing in the Basque Country and the Netherlands, plus records tumble in the velodrome at the Commonwealth Games. It is with great sadness though that I have to start this week’s show by telling […]

What’s The Fastest Bike For Riding The Cobbles Of Paris-Roubaix ?

– Have you ever looked at the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix and wondered whether or not a road bike is actually the fastest type of bike? Well, we have. (laughing) (rock music) – We’re going to put three types of bike through their paces here, on arguably, one of the most infamous sectors of pave in […]

4 Iconic Italian Bicycle Brands

– Italy is well known for its cycling passion, its immensely rich heritage making arguably the spiritual home of the sport that we all love. Now along with some of the most stunning roads, amazing cuisine, and greatest cycling legends, Italy has produced some of the finest bicycles that have ever been ridden. And here’s […]

Tyre Pressures On Cobbles | GCN Tech Geek Edition

– Matt and Dan recently performed a tire width test on the cobbles of Flanders and they did so in order to try and show just how much faster a wider tire would be on rough roads. Except the results weren’t quite what you might have expected and we went into a little bit more […]