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Personalise Your EMTB | How To Set Up A New E-Bike

– So today we’re gonna be lookin’ at settin’ up our E-bikes, common problems that happen after those first few rides, and a few setup techniques too. (electronic noises) So by law any bike that is sold in the UK needs to come out of the shop with reflectors, we’re talkin’ front reflectors, rear reflector, […]

How to Replace Brake Pads on a Bike – Rim Brakes

In this video, we will walk through brake pad replacement on bicycle rim brake systems. Brake pad replacement is part of our video series: The Park Tool Guide to Rim Brakes. Watch this video to see how we’ve organized the content in the series. Otherwise, let’s begin. We’ll help you identify what type of pad […]

How to Align a Mechanical Disc Brake on a Bike

A rubbing or under-performing disc brake can often make a ride frustrating. Regardless of brand and model, this video will help you align your mechanical disc brakes. Hello Truman with Park Tool here. This video will help you gain the knowledge you need to adjust your mechanical disc brakes. If you have hydraulic disc brakes, […]