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Are Wider Tyres Worth It? | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– On this week’s ask GCN anything, we shall be discussing leg length discrepancy, ceramic bearings, riding over cattle grids, and a whole lot more. First up though, a question in on Twitter from Tom Mason, I currently ride 23 millimetre Conti tyres but I’m heading over to Belgium for a few days. Should I […]

How To Improve Your VO2 Max | VO2 Max Explained

– [Dan] A high VO2 max has long been linked with elite athletic performance. So to give you a few cycling examples, Greg LeMond recorded one of 92 and a half. Chris Froome’s is apparently just under 85. Whilst his young Colombian teammate, Egan Bernal, the super climbing talent, apparently has one just over 90. […]

How To Train With A Power Meter | Cycle Faster With Power

– Maybe you’ve just bought yourself a power meter or you’ve got access to one, and you want to know how to get the best out of it. – So coming up, our top tips to training with a power meter. (upbeat music) – First things first then, after you’ve got your new power meter […]

Is New Tech All That’s Making Cycling Faster? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 33

(techno music) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Coming up this week, we’ve got a new gravel bike from mountain bike legends, Kona. And we delve into the murky world of crowdfunding. – Plus our big talking point this week, are cyclists getting fitter or is it just tech making us faster? More […]

Broken Bones In Cycling | GCN Asks The Pros

– Professional cycling is a brutal sport. And an unfortunate certainty for the vast majority of professional cyclists, in fact, I think I can safely say all professional cyclists, at some point in their career, is crashing. Often hard. So hard, that on occasion, bones are broken. Over my racing career, spanning four decades, yes, […]

Is There Such A Thing As A Do-It-All Bike? | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 7

– Welcome to the GCN Tech show. (techno whooshes) – Coming up, we’ve got a new bike from Colnago. We’ve got hydraulic drive train, some new tech from Dubai and also, feedback on our frame flex video. – Yeah, plus we discuss, can one bike do it all? (upbeat techno music) (techno whooshes) So, what’s […]