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We built an ice-bike for winter cycling. And it’s amazing

Hey, what’s up everyone. It’s a beautiful winter day today. We’ve had a lot of ice this year. Icy sidewalks, icy roads, all over the place. Which has inspired me. So, what are we going to do today? We’re going to build an ice bike. So you’re probably wondering ‘What the hell is an ice […]

MTBNB: The Mountain Bike Explorers Web App

We are mountain bikers. We conquer the mountains to feel the thrill of discovering new trails. Like you, we think that without a local we are missing the most of our ride. MTBNB sets your mind free. Wherever you want to ride you will find local buddies who will share what make their part of […]

REI Trailheads: Is it your first time mountain biking?

Too much? I’m gonna go change. Yeah good good call. This is Kelsi and Colin and we’re going mountain biking. Turbospoke? Cool. Hi you guys. I’m Kat Sweet with Sweet Lines and I will be your mountain bike coach here with REI. Nice. Well this is our first time mountain biking. Very first… Have bikes […]

Mountain Biking Technique: Riding Off-Camber

I’m Kat Sweet, professional mountain bike coach, jumper, downhiller, I live and breathe mountain biking. When you hit more difficult trails, you’ll start to come across off camber sections. Now these are particularly tricky because the angle of the slope is falling away from your wheels. Think of the slope of the ground as being […]

What Size Bike Inner Tube Do I Need? || REI

hey my name is Katie and today we’re gonna be talking about what to size to use with what bike tire there are a whole wide range of tubes to choose from but luckily your tire is going to give you a little bit of guidance if you check along the sidewall of your tire […]

Mountain Bike Custom Gears & Parts : How to Change a Bike’s Handlebar Stem

If you’re taller or shorter than normal, or intend to use your bike for a slightly different purpose than what the manufacturer equipped it for, you’ll find that you might want to change the handlebar stem on your bike. This is a hundred and ten millimeter long stem, or eleven centimeter long stem, depending on […]