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4 Basic Skills For Beginner Cyclists

– If you’re wanting to get going on your bike, and there’s a few really basic skills that you’re going to want to cover. – Today we’re going to stick to just the basics, so if you are starting out in cycling for the first time, then this is the video for you. (upbeat music) […]

Oztrail Easy Fold Stretcher Tent

The Easy Fold Tent Stretcher is got to be one of the simplest stretcher and tent combinations all in one that I’ve ever come across. I’ll show you how easy it is to put up. So just simply, fold it out, like so, ensure the legs are out, Pop that up and I have an […]

Testing ASB Parts Tubeless Tires Sealant

welcome back to the JF Rides rides YouTube channel I’m James and today we’re gonna be destroying a brand-new pair of Maxiss minion tires in the name of science guys last season I had a ton of issues with flat tires and I was running a tubeless tire setup so I did some research and […]

How To Crash a Mountain Bike with BKXC and Friends – 2016

Oh it’s flowing Uhh *Splash* woow that was a bad one. Horrible start i’m down immediately Let’s not die out here Haha ejected not bad although Just a bad hit there see if the bikes okay haha yep son-of-a-gun slipped it the ok ok there goes put a smile on his face yeah that slick […]

Stealth Bug Out Survival Vehicle Camping Bikepacking Bike

This is a short video (available in 720 HD) where I do a walk around my Stealth Bug Out Survival BushcraftCamping Mountain Bike… at this point in the mountain bike build project I’ve got it to about 50% complete… you can see since the last video, I’ve upgraded the entire drive train and wheel set… […]

Mountain Bike Maintenance : Deflate a Bicycle Tire

Knowing how to change a tire is a pretty useful trick and tip when it comes to being a mountain biker because changing tire for preference is the same for changing tires when you get a flat. So it always good to be prepare and know how to do this. With this specific tire and […]

YAMAHA Brand eBikes coming! Yamaha Electric Bikes

Hey, what’s up? Guess what? Yamaha just came out with a press release, like a few minutes ago with some really exciting news that… I’m sure you’ve probably surmised from the title of the video. Yes! It’s true, just like Japan; here in the good old US of A, Yamaha is going to come out […]