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Unboxing Review Toy RC Jeep Hill Climbing Monster Truck

Toys School This car is awesome! Let’s unbox it! Yeah! Let’s race! Three, two, one! Blue one is faster We are going to test this monster truck in the Skate Park This monster truck is big and fancy I like this one because it is faster! Monster truck will return. Please subscribe!

E-bike – Unboxing the Lead-Acid battery pack

E-bike 36-Volt battery pack this is a based on lead Acid so i’m just going to open it now See, what Capacity of the battery used in this pack 12 V battery is connected in Series to make 36 Volt pack One of the battery was smaller in size, compared to 2 others. So earlier […]

McDonalds “Free Ride” commercial (1986)

Free ride – pull…ok! The McDonalds Happy Meal Guys! Roger! Hamburger…Fries…and Soft Drink. All regular size. How do ya like the ride so far? Ride? What ride? Whoooa…ha ha ha Bye bye! One for the king’s castle… One for the king’s shells… One for his water… You get one of five different Happy Pails when […]

Honda XR 125L vs Dirt-Bike 250cc (off-Road)

this way? where are you going guys? we can cross but not yet need help.?? should we hide our faces or we go for copyrights.? this way gasoline is over floating no… dont pul yet you are dog come again the woods… do we need? rotten lets rest here one scale up this was one […]

Bike Tool Kit Set – Bike Tools Must Have – BTWIN 900 Tool Box

Btwin 900 a 40 piece toolbox designed for maintenance and repair of mountain and road bikes a multi compartment box designed to store and carry various tools that allow you to repair any type of bicycle with the out cover made of 100% polyethylene and the main parts made of 80% steel and 2% rubber […]

Rostam – “Bike Dream” [Official Music Video]

♪ You wake up late you feel your heart begin to work ♪ ♪ And now you’re all dressed up of course ♪ ♪ And hailing cabs out of your door ♪ ♪ On 14th Street I feel my head between my knees ♪ ♪ And now I’m swimming through the trees ♪ ♪ And […]