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How To Complete A Century | Top Training Tips For A 100 Mile Bike Ride

(upbeat music) – Completing a century bike ride is pretty much a milestone in cycling. Even if it’s your first of the year, or it’s your first ever. It can be really daunting, after all, it’s 100 miles, it’s a long way. – It’s a really long way. But in this video, we’re going to […]

NEW Custom And Modified Racing Tech At The Abu Dhabi Tour 2018

– Hot on the heels of Jon’s report from the Dubai Tour, I’m going to do exactly the same thing here in Abu Dhabi. New custom and slightly modified tech. The biggest news by a long way is that Cannondale have got a brand new bike here. It’s an aero model with disc brakes but […]

Marcel Kittel’s Giant Propel

This is the Giant Propel of Marcel Kittel, ace sprinter for Team Giant-Shimano. Now, there are one or two things that mark this out as a sprinter’s bike, not least the name there. One thing that we would expect perhaps is to see a 54 chainring, and there isn’t – it’s a 53. So Marcel, […]

ruszamy na miasto – URBAN FREERIDE #3

what are you doing? -my break didn’t work -You almost kicked me in the head MADMAN! yyy.. one more time why? F*ck he just cut off your head! Let’s go? let’s go which way? left or right? I tought I’ll fall over You won’t believe I was driving on the biggest one derailleur what the […]

Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : How to Change the Air Filter on a Dirt Bike

Hi my name is Chris Kelley and I’m speaking on behalf of Expert Village. I am a stunt man and I’m going to give you some tips today on motorcycles. And one key that I mentioned is changing your air filter. Air filters generally are located under the seat, they’re very simple. One good tip […]

MAN ITRunner TGX fs19 HP Test Hill climb fs19 Trucks #fs19modsreview

hello and welcome to farming similarly 19 horsepower test and today we are trying out the IT runners with trailers now there’s only two I T runners what I’ve actually got a trailer attachers so we’re going to try them up the hill climb now for those who don’t know I’m doing these tests on […]

Unboxing Review Toy RC Jeep Hill Climbing Monster Truck

Toys School This car is awesome! Let’s unbox it! Yeah! Let’s race! Three, two, one! Blue one is faster We are going to test this monster truck in the Skate Park This monster truck is big and fancy I like this one because it is faster! Monster truck will return. Please subscribe!

E-bike – Unboxing the Lead-Acid battery pack

E-bike 36-Volt battery pack this is a based on lead Acid so i’m just going to open it now See, what Capacity of the battery used in this pack 12 V battery is connected in Series to make 36 Volt pack One of the battery was smaller in size, compared to 2 others. So earlier […]

McDonalds “Free Ride” commercial (1986)

Free ride – pull…ok! The McDonalds Happy Meal Guys! Roger! Hamburger…Fries…and Soft Drink. All regular size. How do ya like the ride so far? Ride? What ride? Whoooa…ha ha ha Bye bye! One for the king’s castle… One for the king’s shells… One for his water… You get one of five different Happy Pails when […]