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Offroad Obstacle Course

this is Mike Levine from pickup trucks dot com for the 2008 light-duty half-ton shoot up we’re about to do an off road test with each of our crew cab 4 by 4s the off road test had three obstacles the first one was a gravel pit to test out how well the trucks could […]

MY-2014 | Prueba | KTM Freeride 250R & 350 Testride | English & Español

Hello and welcome to 1000PS-TV. We are here in the offroad paradise of Il Ciocco (Tuscany) and today we had the opportunity to ride the new KTM Freeride. Iím standing here with KTM offroad department chief Bernhard Plazotta. Bernie, the Freeride 350ccm was released one year ago, tell me more about the updates for the […]


[Helmet Cam Kid] What happened? 2x [Blue Shirt] I couldn’t stop [Blue Shirt] I hit the work bench [ROFLing while talking] Wait did you *inaudible* into the thing? Ha Ha [Blue Shirt] I — uh a hit the key and it turned off. [Uhahuh] Hwait you ,you hit dat? [Blue Shirt] No I almost did […]

Lifted Car vs Truck Off-Road Challenge!

(vehicle engines rev) (intense intro music) – All right guys, now that we got this Grand Marquis lifted, and we got the first rendition of the Silverado done, we’re gonna put them up head to head against each other and see how well this Grand Marquis can do off road against a truck. We’re gonna […]

Crazy offroad test in desert Sahara on Yamaha dual sport motorcycles

Hello my friends… Some people say, that this bike is not good for heavy offroad riding. Today I want to give you a proof that they are wrong. I think, there is no better place for offroad testing, than sand dunes of desert Sahara. OK my friends… Thank you for watching me and… see you […]

Hill Climb Vs GROM?! Crazy Off-Road GromVenture

interesting way to start a video never fails What’s going on you guys it’s been a while? Finally got my motovlogging set up back and running so the content will be coming wow that sounded really corny you guys get the point I’ve been trying to make videos guys and i just could not get […]

7.2 Percent Hill Climb (Loaded)

this is michael Levine from pickup trucks .com and we’re at General Motors milford proving grounds for seven percent hillclimb with our halftime tow test each pickup truck has been equipped with a 6500 pound trailer and we’ve got a seven percent quarter-mile grade behind us we’re going to time each of the trucks up […]

Hill Climb by ADV.Noobs on Honda Transalp [ENG SUB]

Hello everyone in Last weekend we We visited the quarry in a Primorsk city little joyed here several frames from that ride but we’ve got here unfinished business hill we tried to force on Lifan (chinese motorcycke) It did not give up so today, that’s just high humidity, let’s say, the sand should be more […]