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Where to Ride: Mountain Biking wild trails in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Hey guys this week we’re in Scotland’s Northeast bringing you the second installation of BikeRumor’s Where to Ride series. Big Mountain Enduro in Aberdeenshire. Aberdeenshire might not be on the top of your list when coming to ride in Scotland, what with Fort William out in the West and the Tweed Valley in the South, […]

Mistakes That Are Slowing You Down | Mountain Bike Skills

– This video is all about correcting some mistakes that might be slowing you down. You might not realize you’re doing them. (upbeat music) Rock gardens, braking bumps and rooty sections can really give your arms and suspension a proper workout, sometimes you can just bash through on the mainline or racing line, but actually […]

The Sam Hill Special! | Dirt Shed Show Ep.135

– We had a banger of a show last week. Neil, shall we do it again? – Let’s do it again. – Come on, let’s go. It’s the Dirt Shed Show. (snaps fingers) – Dirt Shed Show. – That’s actually a lot. That was a lot of Neil there. – It’s pretty good. – It […]

Nukeproof Mega 290 Expert | CRC |

This is the Nukeproof Mega 290 Expert, an alloy framed 29” wheel bike based on the same platform that Sam Hill raced to overall victory at the 2019 Enduro World Series. Before we jump into the detail, if you want to see more cool bike stuff make sure you’re subscribed to our channel and click […]

Gravel Bikes Exist Because Mountain Biking Is Now Boring

– What on earth is a gravel bike? Nobody really knows, do they? Although we think we might, because we’ve got a theory on this. – We do. A gravel bike is a modern retro mountain bike, only better. And to prove this, we’re going to put our theory to the test. Before we do […]

Athertons Launch Their Own Bikes | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 56

– Welcome to another weekly GMBN Tech show. Coming up on this week’s show we check out Aaron Gwin’s new Intense, the Atherton family are now making bikes, I’ve got a pretty cool GoPro hack for you lot, and we’ve got some really cool submissions from all of you amazing people. (swoosh and clang) Okay […]

New Bike Day! | Neil’s Brand New Nukeproof Mega 275 Carbon MTB

– I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of new bikes in my time, but new bike day’s still pretty excitin’. I still love boltin’ together a brand new bike. It’s a really cool thing to do, and the anticipation of actually what the bike is gonna ride like for the first time just […]

Yeti SB5+ Upgrade: Installing new Fork, Crankset, and MRP Bashguard

Hey, Everyone! Welcome back. Today we’re going to make some changes to the Yeti. The Fox 34 is great, but I’ve been wanting to try my RockShox Yari on it, just to compare. We’re also going to be installing shorter cranks and a bashguard to help deal with rockgardens in Austin. Lastly, the SLX breaks […]

5 Shifting Problems You’ll Have And How To Solve Them

– Given how exposed the rear derailleur is, they work really well, but you’ve got to look after them. If your rear mech is poorly adjusted, a little bit bent or even just old and rattly, you’re not gonna get the shifting that you need. So, here are the top five shifting problems that typically […]

Sam Hill’s Custom Day Of The Dead Nukeproof Mega 275c | GMBN Pro Bike

– Right, it’s a pro-bike check of an extra special, one-off, Nukeproof Mega, this is Sam Hill’s Enduro World Series race bike. (energetic music) Standard Nukeproof Mega, that carbonfiber frame, of course the one thing that is completely one-off, is that paint job. So, it’s absolutely amazin’ up close, that proper black and white. It’s […]